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.@BugleAn9ted Wants His “Flowaz” On His Latest Single!

To say that Reggae/Dancehall Artist Bugle is underrated is an understatement. For over a decade, he has been providing nothing but quality music with a positive message that has travelled every part of the globe. As his fanbase continues to grow, his content continues to set the standard. Unfortunately, many do not recognize his greatness, and he has stepped out to address it. He does so in his latest single, “Flowaz“.

Produced by Gold Up Music, Bugle gives us the quality music that we have grown to love and enjoy, but also makes his case on why he deserves respect in the Jamaican music scene. While many are quick to hop on the latest trend or crown the newest sensation, many of the Artists who have been putting in the necessary work are often left out of important conversations. Bugle gives evidence of this through the scenario of an award show with the accompanying Music Video, which was directed by Khing Cam. Many Artists who never get love in their own home, tend to take their talents to other lands where they’re hailed and given accolades. Recognize Artists like Bugle before it’s too late.

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