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.@PinkFoxMusic Finds Himself Mesmerized By Her On “W.D.Y.D”!

A few weeks ago, Dancehall Artist Jada Kingdom released the official version of her single, “G.P.P.. The track was enjoying viral success prior to its release, as it spoke about the effect she has on Men when they have a chance to be with her. While the track became the soundtrack for Women who shared similar scenarios, Recording Artist PinkFox wanted to speak for the victims. He gets to talking on the track, “W.D.Y.D. (What Did You Do?)“.

The self-produced “W.D.Y.D.” track finds PinkFox speaking out as a victim of the “G.P.P.”. With the first verse originally being a part of a “G.P.P.” remix he made a few weeks ago, PinkFox chose to give it new life as a single, and he found himself being mesmerized. The “Good Good” has its effects, and PinkFox is still under its spell, and he wants more. It’s something like a phenomenon, but results may vary. PinkFox has been making remixes over the past few months, is steadily growing his brand, and has a lot more music on the way. Expect “W.D.Y.D.” to make its rounds.

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.@JadaKingdom Suffers From “GPP” On New Single With @DiGenius1!

There’s something about a Woman that drives Men (and Women) crazy. It may be the looks, the personality, or her name, but whatever it is, it has a lasting effect. For Recording Artist Jada Kingdom, she has a couple reasons why they go crazy, and she shares it in her new single, “GPP“.

Produced by Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, Jada Kingdom shares her dilemma of the Men that go crazy when they get to know her. Jada knows she’s a powerful Woman, and it’s only natural that the Men will get addicted to her. Her collaboration with Di Genius was previewed months before, and it gained viral success on TikTok, with fans anticipating the full single’s release.

Expect more work with Di Genius and Jada Kingdom as it was announced that they have contributed to Recording Artist John Legend’s upcoming album! Jada will be performing in a location near you, so stay tuned for announcements.

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