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.@ShenYeng’s “Pon Mi” Lives Different Lives On @TikTok!

Over the past few months, users of the Social Media platform TikTok would hear the following opening line from various videos in their feeds, “P***y tight, p***y clean, p***y fresh…“. The song behind that is Dancehall Artist Shenseea’s 2018 single, “Pon Mi“. Produced by Dunw3ll, the single was an instant hit for the “ShenYeng” Artist, and it showed on streaming platforms Youtube, Apple Music, and Spotify. The original song was also loved on Instagram, but when it crossed over to TikTok, it became a different monster.

When “Pon Mi” made its debut on TikTok, the song would be used in dance videos, “fresh out the shower” selfie videos, and was even heavily used in Dog TikToker MisterMainer clips. Over the past few weeks, “Pon Mi” would enjoy a series of remixes that would make Romeich shed tears. Thanks to various Producers (including Ranvision) and DJs, “Pon Mi” was given Classical Music remixes, EDM remixes, 70s Pop remixes, Country Music remixes, K-Pop remixes, Hip Hop remixes, and just about any style you can think of. If we can predict it just a lil bit, the popularity of Shenseea’s “Pon Mi” may reflect exponentially in the streams, making it one of her most popular singles ever. With TikTok becoming the hot platform for Artists to gain major exposure, for old songs to get a new life, and for new hits to be made, we’re curious to see what will happen next.

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1Biggs Don "Bwoii Affi" on #Jamaica #mandeville #Dancehall #Music #1BiggsDon #13thStreetPromotions #OuttaSpaceRecords #BowiiAffi #WatchEhStyle #TikTok #Caribbean

1Biggs Don Officially Releases Viral Hit, “Bwoii Affi (Watch Eh Style)”!

Social Media has immensely helped with breaking new Artists over the years. No matter the genre, there has been an Artist who can credit Social Media for giving them an audience, and a successful career. Manchester (🇯🇲) based upcoming Recording Artist 1Biggs Don is another one who has been enjoying some buzz thanks to a Freestyle that went viral. Today, we get the official release of “Bwoii Affi (Watch Eh Style)“.

Released through Outta Space Records, 1Biggs Don grabbed the opportunity to capitalize on being a viral sensation. “Bwoii Affi” was originally freestyled on season 3 (episode 6) of the OTP Control Youtube series, “Jamaica Public Freestyle“, and since then it has been everywhere from Jamaica celebrities using the “Bwoii Affi” sound in their Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, to NFT Platform Opensea using it for their TikTok videos. 1Biggs Don has been releasing singles for a while, but “Bwoii Affi” caused a viral storm for him. We wish him all the best in his music career, and we hope he has the right team to propel his career to further success.

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Voiide VoiideMuzik Music Video Doh Rush Don't Rush TikTok Blog 13thStreetPromo 13thStreetPromotions Caribbean Dancehall Remix

.@VoiideMuzik Brings The Street Vibes On “Doh Rush”!

If you’re a member of the popular Social Media platform TikTok, then you’re familiar Young T & Bugsey ft. Headie One’s hit single, “Don’t Rush“. A song responsible for the #DontRushChallenge, many got to see various transformations between friends with the assistance of phones, makeup brushes, and other tools. As with music, there will always be remixes, and Dancehall Artist Voiide stepped up wit his version of the “Don’t Rush” track.

With video shot in Kingston, Voiide brought friends including the great Colo Colo, the Yeng Yeng Bikes, liquor, and weed for some good vibes in the streets. With Covid 19 bringing the pars and hangouts to a minimal recently, it’s good to look at videos like these and look forward to the time where this can be a normal thing again. Voiide has been staying consistent with the music for quite a while, and on this track, he never disappointed with his choice of flows and lyrics. If you’re loving this, be sure to let him know in the comments section.

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