Guest Blog: @Shanny_14 – Marley Twists by @Virgochyktessie


During the height of my Installation season (a.k.a “Pretty Season“) I noticed I was having difficulty managing my hair. Usually when it gets this way, I give it a break and opt for protective styling. My first choice is usually a sew-in but this time I decided to research some other options for protective hairstyles. One β€œnew” discovery was Marley Twists.

I didn’t know anyone who tried this style and my regular hairdresser has no clue what they are, so I ruled it out and settled for β€œPatra” braids.
Last week though my friend Wade (who knows my obsession with Hair & Beauty) reintroduced me to the Marley Twist concept when he introduced me to hairstylist Teresa Simpson (@VirgoChykTessie). My interest was sparked and I pondered getting them!

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