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Davianah Manifests “Trips N Drips” For All Of 2023 In New Single!

If you’re one of those who has a list of New Year resolutions, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s ok too, but whatever your goal is for the year, we hope you accomplish them in good time. For Recording Artist Davianah, she’s eyeing a few things on, “Trips N Drips“.

Directed by JerroWill, Davianah is all about living the good life on “Trips N Drips”. Joined by a few of her closest people including her sisters and Dancehall Artist Lisa Hyper, Davianah is not here for the badmind, but she’s manifesting great moments, success, and good vibes that are infectious to everyone in its path. The previous years may have produced stress and plenty bad times, but now is the time to live it up. “Trips N Drips” is released ahead of her upcoming performance at the annual Rebel Salute event, where she’ll be sharing the stage with her Father Tony Rebel, Bounty Killa, Third World, Yaksta, and many more. Expect to see and hear more of Davianah later this year, in the meantime, work towards your goals!

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