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.@OfficialYaksta Sets The Mood In Visual For @UsainBolt-Featured, “Whine”

Recording Artist Yaksta continues to bring his latest album “22” to more ears. He has been busy performing tracks from the album along with previous singles at various bookings, and is working on providing even more content to support the album. His latest music video is bound to keep viewers entertained, and it’s the visual for the track, “Whine“.

The video for the Usain Bolt-featured “Whine” was directed by Xtreme Arts, and it finds Yaksta dancing the night away with the beautiful Taija Onfry a.k.a. Mocha, while Bolt makes his moves in the club. What we’re watching is a lil love thing kicking off with Yaksta and Taija, and they get busy flirting, and being the center of attention on the dance floor. The video features choreography by members of the Northcoast Boyz dance crew, and there may be a dance challenge soon to be launched by Yaksta to support the single. If you’re in the mood for some good vibes, kick back and watch Yaksta’s new video.

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.@OfficialYaksta Debuts His 1st Album, “22”!

It’s been a long time since he stepped onto the music scene as Yaksta Carvanie, but the years have been good to him. Now with a few hits to his name, Yaksta is ready to take his career to the next level. He set the scene with a few singles over the past few months, and now he finally released his debut album, “22“.

Featuring 20 tracks, the “Bush Lawd” takes his talents to a bigger platform with “22”. The new album finds Yaksta in a good place, and he showcases some of his diversity in his lyrics and flow. Whether he’s motivating the listener, or reaching out to the ladies, he does it effortlessly here. With production by the likes of Anju Blaxx, Skill Don Music, Marlon Easy, Afro Boi, and Wussmusikk, Yaksta finds his comfort zone, and listeners are pulled in for a great listening session. The guest features are few, but important as Demarco, Rygin King, Chronic Law, Monifa, and Usain Bolt are onboard to enhance the listening experience.

Yaksta has come a long way, and is determined to go for more. Will “22” stand out as one of this year’s best releases? Stay tuned.

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.@OfficialYaksta Shares “Alchemist” 1st Single Ahead Of Debut Album Release!

Recording Artist Yaksta has come a long way in this career of his. The years he has spent putting in the work has been paying off in great dividends recently. His profile has grown significantly, and he has secured a few hits in the process. While he has made the 2020s his decade so far, there’s just one thing the fans need from him, and that’s an album. With the announcement of one last year, he is gearing up to make it a very important milestone. To kick things off, he released the single, “Alchemist“.

“Alchemist” is the first single off of Yaksta’s upcoming debut album, and it finds him providing some of his signature motivation to the listener. The Hapilos Records/G-Tac/Bush Music-produced single gives listeners a taste of what’s to come, and it’s accompanied by a music video directed by Simeon Di Great. Yaksta’s debut album “’22” is a 19 track project that is set to be released on February 24, and is expected to break into new ground for Jamaican music. Watch the Bush Lawd work!

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.@OfficialYaksta Stirs Up A Little “Controversy”!

Dancehall Artist Yaksta is back with new content for your head tops. While he has been consistent all, he has been getting a lot of love in and outside of the Caribbean. With high hopes for the new year, Yaksta is making sure his pot is on the fire with a lot more goodness to come. Today however, he wants to start some “Controversy“.

Directed by Shane Creative, Yaksta dabbles into some of the trends that have been rampant in Dancehall this year. Yaksta has always stood out, but sometimes you have to tap into what’s hot to keep the people talking. Yaksta is taking a different direction with “Controversy”, and while some may turn their heads to the change, fans of the Artist will welcome it with open arms. Yaksta is all about making hits, and we will watch him elevate to new levels, and exceed all expectations. Watch the “Controversy” video, and see what Yaksta is all about.

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.@OfficialYaksta Steps Up For New @Audiomack “Bless The Yaad” Episode

Audiomack continues to be one of the leading platforms for digital music streaming. The platform has continued to assist upcoming and established artists in getting their music to their fanbases around the world. Through their original content, Audiomack has placed artists centerstage to showcase their talent, and expand their fanbases. With their new “Bless The Yaad” series, Jamaica gets to display fresh talent, unique personalities, and diversity. For their latest episode, Dancehall/Reggae artist Yaksta takes the stage.

Hailing from St. Mary, Yaksta brings his homegrown talent to “Bless The Yaad” episode 5. On the episode, he gives the TGUT provided instrumental a series of lyrical beatdowns paired with his unique flow, furthering proving that St. Mary is home to a lot of show-stopping talent. Sometimes referred to as the “Bush Lawd”, Yaksta has been enjoying a wealth of buzz thanks to his hit singles, “Ambition”, “Humans”, and “Assets”. With a career starting from the mid 2010s, Yaksta has made a mark on the music scene with a unique personality, style, content, and lyricism that has been respected by fellow artists, and prominent members of the music industry. Born Kemaul M. Martin, Yaksta considers himself to be a world artist, and wherever he lands, he will make an impact that lasts.

Bless The Yaad” is the Caribbean version to the popular Audiomack series, “Bless The Booth”. The series is executive produced by Tanya Lawson, with audio by TGUT and Flaire, and video by Sage English. The series premieres every Wednesday with a new featured Artist, and is filmed at the Reggae Legends Villa in Kingston, Jamaica.

Yaksta’s episode of Audiomack’s “Bless The Yaad” is now available for viewing. The episode and previous offerings are now featured on Audiomack’s official Youtube channel, with a new one premiering every Wednesday. Check out the episode below. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@OfficialYaksta Shares His “Ambition” & Wise Words In New Video

When it comes to delivering “Message Music“, there are some artists who have it down to a science. In return, they have maintained a very long and rewarding career, and their lyrics make quite the impact generation after generation. For Recording Artist Yaksta, he’s no stranger for delivering that type of music, but today we see and hear a bit more from him in the video for his latest single, “Ambition“.

Shot by Dezignr Studios, Yaksta gets into “Bush Lawd” mode, and shares a few gems with the people over some Afro Boi Entertainment and Wuss Musikk production. When many artists focus on the luxurious living and share it in their songs, Yaksta looks to do the opposite here. With lyrics about having your own business, investing in Farming, Blockchain Technology, and Real Estate, and making life decisions that will be more of assets than liabilities, Yaksta is just doing his part in ensuring that his listeners young and old get motivated by his words, and help to build themselves and each other. Whether you see him in Farming gear, or donning a robe to collect his Degree, he promotes the idea of having ambition. Yaksta delivers his messages in the best way he knows how, and we know they will stay in the minds of many for years to come. Investments over braffing, stay focused, and take care of you and yours. If you’re unfamiliar with Yaksta (formerly Yaksta Carvanie), check him out in our “Radar” feature.

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