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.@YutesMusic & @GovanaGenna Connect On “Riches & Power”!

Brothers Chris and Santris, more popularly known as The Yutes, have been making their names connect in various parts of the globe, presenting a sound that aims to stand out from what you’re familiar with. You can say they’re genre-bending, and they are enjoying success from that. Currently finalizing their upcoming album, they keep things interesting with the video for the single, “Riches & Power“.

“Riches & Power” is a Cin-Trax produced collaboration with The Yutes and Dancehall Artist Govana, and together they let you know what they’re all about, getting to the money by any means. It’s a Ghetto yute’s dream to reap success and elevate from poverty, and the Artists amplify that in their music. With a music video directed by Shane Creative, the Artists highlight Spanish Town, the home of many who wish to break from the oppression. The video later finds them living it up on a Beachfront property, with some of the luxuries and benefits of success. The Yutes are the sons of Dancehall Artist Mr. Lexx, and they look to cover more ground with the release of their album later this year.

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