NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – About the VW SuperBowl Commercial…


Have you seen the new commercial VW released to promote their new vehicle? In the video an American mimicks the Jamaican accent and ideals and encourages his co-workers to smile and be happy. In addition to the release of the video, many people have been commenting about it and giving either positive reviews…or negative ones suggesting that it’s racist. I personally think it was rather funny and shed a positive light on us since many foreigners believe we are very violent people. Fellow blogger Carla Moore speaks her mind on the matter, check out what she has to say by clicking on the video below and sharing your comments.

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2 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – About the VW SuperBowl Commercial…

  1. I like the ad. Dont Bring your Racist North American problems to Jamaica and Jamaicans! We have enough problems on our heads already. Mr Bolt and others helped us to market Jamaica and now people all over the world want to be like us . Chill man.

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