PRESS RELEASE: @NadeshaStarface Creates Buzz With “Hold My Man”

After bursting on the scene with her break through song featuring the proclaimed “King of the Dancehall” Beenie Man, Starface, one of Dancehall’s newest sensations has followed up with another street banger titled “Hold My Man”. “The reason why I recorded this single is because there are women who strive on other women partners and feel like the time they spent with your partner you would give up.” Starface explains. The song was produced by Canadian based record label Konsequence Musik. “Hold My Man” is the second song Starface has done for the label, her first being “Ride or Die”, which sparked a great feedback from the public.

Starface is a female artiste from Portmore, who is known for her savvy style and catchy lyrics. “Mi have weh fi hold my man/ Di best body in  the whole island/ Bum pon di song whole night long/” Starface deejays on the raunchy but catchy track. The single was released on iTunes August 27 and since its release, Starface has been receiving a good response from her fans via social media. Delighted with the reaction from her peers, Starface and her team has decided to shoot a video for the single and build a campaign around it. Catching up with the artiste, she reveals that she has a lot of new track in the pipeline and she is here to take over 2015 and beyond.

For interviews or bookings contact:
Latoya McKay
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NEW VIDEO: @KyngTavii x @KyngTaj – Scammer

The crime of Lottery Scamming has been on a rise over recent years, and Jamaica has become one of the hot spots for such activity. Dropping a new video on it today are Kyng Tavii and Kyng Taj called “Scammer“. Here Tavii plays a scammer while Taj plays the victim. Watch how things unfold in this hilarious video and I’m sure many can relate to this. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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PRESS RELEASE: @DBurnzMusic & The FlashMob Ignited @CarifestaXII

Though oftentimes overlooked, there is no denying the fact that the arts are a unifying phenomenon. It is for this reason that the recently concluded Carifesta XII in Haiti was such a beloved event among Caribbean nations, the people, and the various artistes and performers from the participating territories.​ ​The 10 day festival ran from August 21st to August 30th.

Melbourne Douglas and his backing band more popularly known as ‘dBURNZ and the Flashmob’ were among several groups that represented Jamaica at the festival. Their performances began on August 23 at the Le Caye Beach Party where they were well received by an audience of approximately thirty thousand (30,000) patrons. Performances continued at several venues including Place Boyer and Champs de Mars Grand Market where the group closed the Jamaica Night Celebrations, performing after their musical colleagues Raging Fyah. Their final appearance saw them closing off Jamaica’s segment of the CARIFESTA closing ceremony at the Kiosque Occide Jeanty amphitheatre. With their original number, “Revolution” and rendition of Bob Marley’s “Could You be Loved”, they had thousands of people in a frenzy as they chanted “Say something, CARIFESTA!! Say something Aiyti Aiyti (Haiti Haiti)!!”

Appearing at Carifesta 2015 is just another indication of the growth of dBURNZ who began working with the members of The Flashmob in 2012. Through impressive performances over the past three years including performances at the previous Carifesta in Suriname with the UWI Pop Society, their prominence has grown tremendously as they continue to demonstrate their talent beyond Jamaica’s borders.

Other acts from Jamaica included Reggae band Raging Fyah, Amina Blackwood Meeks, Craft Vendors and dance troupes L’Acadco and the National Dance Theatre Company. The event – which is billed as a celebration of the region and its people – was thoroughly enjoyed by thousands of patrons.

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PRESS RELEASE: @DAngelMusic1 Is Here To Stay!

DAngel Press Photo

The First Lady of Dancehall has completed several interviews since her return to Jamaica after completing the first leg of her North American tour. The ever ‘Blazing’ artiste has been focused on her music and reminds her fans that she is here to stay. She said “I have been away on my tours so my fans in Jamaica haven’t been hearing much about me but I am stronger than before and I have some amazing projects coming out.”

The mother, entrepreneur and entertainer has highlighted that she has been booked for several major shows and has been dominating several stages but has still been underestimated. Additionally in the past she has been the face of several corporate brands in the capacity of Brand Ambassador. D’Angel added “I am a new Angel. I am more focused on my music and my family and I am working to break barriers and make my fans proud. I have always kept my head high amidst all adversities and I will continue to show my fans and family that no matter what is thrown your way no one can control your destiny but you and God”.

D’Angel who has performed on many major stages in Jamaica including Reggae Sumfest and Sting, just to name a few and she has had many successes over the years. She is especially known for her high energy performances and her ability to command the attention of any crowd. She, no doubt, brought these skills and energy to her North American shows and her fans love her for it.

She is now promoting singles such as ‘Ramp Ruff’, ‘Gimmi Likkle More’ and ‘Whine Factory’. The video for ‘Whine Factory’ will be shot in mid September.



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NEW VIDEO: @NightlyFix Interviews @Lincoln3Dot


Recently, Dancehall Artist Lincoln 3Dot stopped by the Nightly Fix show to have a chat with the crew. Here he spoke about his career, being “every gyal man“, working with Andrew Trabass, starting his career on Youtube, his recent performances, his image, and more. Good to see Lincoln on Nightly Fix. If you never knew about this  Artist, you haven’t been watching Youtube enough. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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NEW VIDEO: @Kevin2woKrayzee – Domino Players Be Like


Comedian Kevin2woKrayzee has done it again with his latest video. As the game of Dominoes is a favourite pastime of many, Kevin goes in to the regular behaviours of Jamaican Domino Players. Get ready for a huge dose of laughter and being able to relate to many of the scenarios. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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