NEW VIDEO: @StarBoyTheBook x Big Bomb Films Present: StarBoy (Animated Film)

SBStar Boy” is a 3 part Tilsa Wright book series which has been brought to life through animation. Produced by Big Bomb Films, this features the voice talents of fellow Blogger Carla Moore (@MooreMayhem), Jessica Francis, Garth Williams, Matthew Johnson and features music from the likes of Jane Macgizmo, Exile Di Brave and P. Nyne. The story is about a love affair between a popular cricketer and a young lady which later lead into marriage and a lot of drama. The books are currently available on Amazon but watch the excerpt from the animation below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – About the VW SuperBowl Commercial…


Have you seen the new commercial VW released to promote their new vehicle? In the video an American mimicks the Jamaican accent and ideals and encourages his co-workers to smile and be happy. In addition to the release of the video, many people have been commenting about it and giving either positive reviews…or negative ones suggesting that it’s racist. I personally think it was rather funny and shed a positive light on us since many foreigners believe we are very violent people. Fellow blogger Carla Moore speaks her mind on the matter, check out what she has to say by clicking on the video below and sharing your comments.

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem x @Jamaica50 (Toronto) : How to spot a Yardie (Airport)

In celebration of Jamaica 50 we take the time out to highlight many things concerning this great island. Today’s post comes from Carla Moore as she lists how to spot a Jamaican (Yardie) at the airport. It’s in conjunction with Toronto’s Jamaica 50 celebrations. Funny stuff as usual, click on the video and share your comments below…

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem x @HelpJaChildren – Help JA Children…

Hey World! While today could’ve been a post about new music or new entertainers it instead sheds light on a very important topic, the abuse of children and how you can help. Child abuse has been rampant the world over and while many have been saved from further turmoil, many others continue to suffer from unfortunate acts being done to them. In Jamaica, many stories pour out through the media about children being abused and nothing much has been done to help bring justice for these victims. One new organization looking to help bring much needed awareness is Help Ja Children, which was started by a few young people who have seen much injustice and felt that their voices must be heard. Check out the video above to get an idea and check out below on how you can get in touch with the organization and help. Children are our future, help to protect them today…

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – Dear Wifeys and Mateys of the World…

WIFEYS! MATEYS! Lend me your eyes and ears!! MooreMayhem is back with another loaded clip! Lately in Dancehall music the big trend for female Deejays is to make songs about who is the “Wife” and who is the “Matey” along with the many tricks they use to “hold” their man. Many of these songs get the biggest “Forwards” (Pull up/Spins/Crowd Reaction) in the sessions and on radio stations. While i’m not a fan of them, it’s not my place to say anything so I let Miss Moore handle this….ENJOY!

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – Birthday Cake Remix…and the stans go wild!

This video just presented itself on my radar and as the title says, “The stans go wild!“. Recently the world got to hear Rihanna’sBirthday Cake Remix” with Chris Brown, and it got many mixed reviews. MooreMayhem made this video to drop in her 2 cents and trust me not only is it enjoyable, but it’s sure to make you think. I won’t take up much more of this column, check the video by and ENJOY!!

You can Check out MooreMayhem on Youtube, her Blog and her Tumblr.

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