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“It is time for us to push the creative boundaries and let our masterpieces speak loudly for itself in some¬†classic, timeless, ageless¬†manner.”

Jamaica is home to a musical culture that’s quite diverse in nature as displayed at the #PayAttention concert series. Regular patrons should know that after a short hiatus the show will be back on Saturday, January 31 at C&C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road.
Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)Rseenal is ready to perform a Hip-Hop laced set & he explains why as we caught up with him to ask about his 2015 plans.

Q: You’re a #PayAttention veteran, how exactly does it feel to be hitting the stage after the short break?¬†[July 19th being the last staging of the show]
A: For the opening act after the break, to hit¬†THAT¬†stage means to set the¬†precedence: upholding the highest standard all others must follow hereafter. This is a great task.. rather, a noble task in the local Jamaican Hip-Hop community, that must reassure the rest of the world of Jamaica’s Rap relevance. It is a worthy force to be reckoned with because the¬†First Coast¬†movement is fully active and greater is yet to come!

Q: Summarize what core fans should expect to see/hear on Jan. 31
A:¬†Personally, I usually electrify my audience with a high-energy performance. For this specific staging, my core fans will get to see me perform more Hip-Hop influenced tracks w/ a more hardcore message, delivery and killer lyrics.¬†#PayAttention¬†is a Hip Hop show, therefore, why shouldn’t my performance be strictly within the context of Hip-Hop?

Q: Share one track/video you feel embodies your entire work & tell us the meaning behind it.
A: ‘Ghetto Boy‘¬†[the first track on my 2nd Official Hip-Hop influenced Mixtape entitled ‘The Power Of Intelligence‘] is a sober message expressing my journey towards self-actualization, from the typical ghetto boy into man. Through utilizing the power of intelligence to create the desired reality, and a sample from the song originally by Donny Hathaway [‘Little Ghetto Boy‘] the track asks: “What you gonna do when you grow up, and have to face responsibility?” ¬†I believe my greatest responsibility is to strive for and manifest my ultimate success in all aspects of my livity.

Q: On that note, if you feel like letting on, what puts you in the right vibe to make music?
:¬†I just totally float away in my mind with the vibe of the beat, who knows what comes out…

Q: It’s important that your fans are kept in the loop also, so what’s the progression for the rest of the year?
A:¬†I’m looking forward to a great year, artistically. I intend to play and perform more live music. The ‘Aluta Continua‘ EP is complete and ready to be released. I also intend tours and shows overseas to broaden my scope. Expect much more new music, collaborations with musical heavy hitters. Stay in the loop, we will keep everyone posted.

Q: If @Azaeliabanks singled you out [on twitter] because she felt that you don’t represent as a BLACK artiste, how would you respond?
A:¬†After¬†RETWEETing, then sending some kisses her way i’d simply respond: “B*tch, I’m #Jamaican!” -LAUGHS- says it all…

Q: Why is it (from your perspective) that Hip-Hop in Jamaica isn’t yet on some worldwide renown level?
[via Andrew “Kawb” Bell]

A: I¬†personally think it is because we try to copy the American Hip-Hop sounds and lifestyle too much. The core of the local Hip-Hop movement’s ultimate success lies in its originality. Not only this, but how we represent best this genre of this music and allow the audience to¬†perceive Hip-Hop from our culture’s point-of-view. When we can inspire our audiences with an Authentic Jamaican Hip-Hop culture and sound, then will we be able to better sell¬†the music as well as every thing that goes with it! This goes without saying:

‚φ We will need to work with more unity and¬†cohesiveness.¬†

‚Ď°¬†We will have to¬†utilize, manage and share our resources with each other as a way to effectively ensure a general quality control.¬†

‚Ďʬ†We must develop more platforms as outlets for our music and support each other’s¬†initiatives. Everything that we do holistically from that point will be very successful¬†on the micro level which will eventually resonate into the macro and global audiences.

When we all start looking successful individually then will the world recognize the movement as a great force. The movement must facilitate this and ensure the highest standards are created for our art-form. It is time for us to push the creative boundaries and let our masterpieces speak loudly for itself in some classic, timeless, ageless manner.

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