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We Celebrate @Mavado_Gully’s Career In New “Gully Forever” Playlist!

Today, November 30, we celebrate the birthday of a Dancehall legend. Many know of his many aliases including Mavado the Gully Gad, but his parents named him David Constantine Brooks! Mavado celebrates another year of life on Earth, and we celebrate his many works with our newest Playlist in a long while called, “Gully Forever: The Mavado Playlist“!

For over 9 hours, we bring to you some of Mavado’s greatest tracks. From breakout singles, to International collaborations, to even beef tracks, Mavado has done a lot of work for Jamaican music. Mavado has been influential to the culture, and has his place in being a part of one of Dancehall’s greatest beefs with Vybz Kartel, and forming an alliance that has divided Jamaicans for a long time. Salute Mavado wherever he is!


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.@T6Mikee Collaborates With Sister Nancy On “Stop Worry!”

New York-based Recording Artist/Producer MIKE is an Artist who has been making his name over the years providing unique tracks, and hard hitting production. A founding member of the sLUms collective, he looks to release a new project in the coming weeks. As a part of the rollout, he teams up with a Jamaican Dancehall legend on the track, “Stop Worry!“.

Featuring Dancehall’s 1st Lady Sister Nancy, MIKE shares some bars about his everyday life, including some experiences. Sister Nancy steps in with some wise words throughout the song, emphasizing that we should wake up, and rise up from all the craziness that’s going on in the world. The track was produced by DJ Blackpower, and was accompanied by a Music Video directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa. Shout out MIKE’s t shirt. “Stop Worry!” is a unique collaboration between MIKE and Sister Nancy, and will be featured on MIKE’s upcoming 8th studio album, “Beware Of The Monkey“.

Want to hear some Sister Nancy and how influential she is? Check out our “Sampling Sister NancyPlaylist!

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Busta Rhymes x Skillibeng - "Bulletproof Skin" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Brooklyn #HipHop #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #BustaRhymes #Skillibeng #BulletproofSkin #TheFuseIsLit #Caribbean

.@BustaRhymes Recruits @Skillibeng For “Bulletproof Skin”!

Legendary Hip Hop Artist Busta Rhymes is back with a new focus, and an arsenal of lyrics that are as potent as ever. The Rapper has been in the game for 3 decades, and can still hang with the young ones. Earlier today he released his latest EP, “The Fuse Is Lit“, and one of the tracks, “Bulletproof Skin“, features Dancehall Artist Skillibeng!

Over a Rvssian-produced track, Busta Rhymes and Skillibeng trade bars, styles, and energy throughout “Bulletproof Skin”. The collaboration was previewed a few weeks ago, and it shows that true legends will always bring up the youths. Accompanying the new track, is a music video directed by Sam Lecca that places the two Artists on the big screen. Busta Rhymes has always been proud to share his Jamaican roots, and he has always found a way to highlight it through collaborations, remixes, or even mixing some of his tracks with a cultural flair.

Good to see Skillibeng advancing with more International collaborations, and with news of DJ Khaled scoring a GRAMMY nomination that featured the Dancehall Artist, we can look forward to him dominating even more.

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Vindon x Vosai "DemNuhBad" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #UK #Copenhagen#Vindon #Vosai #NoCopyRightSounds #Samurai #DemNuhBad #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean #EDM #HipHop #NinjaMan

Vindon Combats Foes In Visual For The Vosai Produced, “DemNuhBad”!

Recording Artist Vindon steps out with new music for your head tops! The Rapper has been connecting with various Producers over the years, resulting in great music that has placed him under the radar of many around the world. He has been able to adapt to any genre, and is always looking for the next hit. This time around, he shows that he’s the Master in the visual for the new track, “DemNuhBad“.

Done in collaboration with European Producer Vosai, Vindon boldy steps out with a few bars, and the ability to effortlessly handle some EDM production. With a self-directed music video, Vindon demonstrates why he’s untouchable by portraying a Samurai Warrior role. With 3 opponents searching for the “Young Gorgon” in a Forest, Vindon could be seen training and meditating before teaching them a lesson or few when it comes to battle.

Vindon has been tapping into different sounds over the years, and has found success in Europe, and various parts of the world as a result. He has affiliations with the likes of Egzod, Vosai, More Plastic, SOS Dynamikz, and BoyPanda, and he continues to sharpen his artistry. Come 2023, Vindon will release a new project, and secure even more high profile collaborations. Be on the look out!

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.@StayActiveCEO Is “Bringing It Back” To Business On New Single!

Trinidad-based Artist 1K StayActive continues to keep the streams busy with new music! With a year that saw him grow his reach and even got endorsed by a few prominent names, the upcoming Artist is working on his consistency, and releasing the right music that will catch more ears. Recently, 1K released the track, “Bringing It Back“.

Produced by OJG and featuring a sample of “Bumpy’s Lament” by Soul Mann & the Brothers, 1K StayActive gets into “trap mode” as he’s on a mission to elevate himself and others around him, and secure all the bags that come his way. Over a Drill-influenced production, 1K effortlessly flows and showcases why you need to pay attention to him. 1K is currently working on more music to be released by the end of the year, and is finalizing original content and a possible project for everyone to add to their collection. If you’re on the Island, be sure to catch him taking the stage at dates to be announced.

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LG N.I.K.E "Manifestation" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Florida #HipHop #Music #13thStreetPromotions #LGNIKE #NaturalBondEnt #Manifestation #Caribbean

LG N.I.K.E Brings A Positive Change To Music With “Manifestation” Single!

The world needs a change, a shift from the negativity that will provide possibilities for better days. Enter LG N.I.K.E, a Florida-based Recording Artist who believes that music is the key that will open the right doors, and help to improve society. A new member of the Jamaican Record Label Natural Bond Entertainment roster, LG looks to make a difference with his talent, and contribute to revamping the music scene. He looks to start with the new single, “Manifestation”.

Released through Natural Bond Entertainment, LG N.I.K.E shows an unstoppable focus on “Manifestation”. On a mission to be successful and taking care of what’s important, LG shares that he’s ready to put in the work, and come out on top. Armed with sharp lyrics and a commanding delivery, LG looks to stand out, and build his brand in becoming a household name. Natural Bond Entertainment’s addition of a Hip Hop Artist to a predominantly Reggae/Dancehall roster will show their diversity, building the label to become a stronger force in the coming months. LG N.I.K.E looks to promote “Manifestation” through a campaign that will cover local and International media, and various Social Media platforms. Plans for a music video and additional content for “Manifestation” are currently in the works.

Born Wesley Walker, LG N.I.K.E is a US-based Recording Artist and Entrepreneur. The stage name is an acronym for “Life’s Good Now I Know Everything”, and symbolizes the many trials and tribulations that LG N.I.K.E. has experienced in his life. He has been an active Artist for over a decade, and he looks to take his career to another level through his partnership with Natural Bond Entertainment. LG believes that music is a gift, and he will use it in the right way to change the world.

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