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.@TheAlkaline Causes “Ripple Effx” With New EP!

Dancehall enigma Alkaline has been in and out of the music scene for the past couple years. While his presence wasn’t completely absent, he keep fans happy with select music releases, threw sold out events, and kept his online accounts occupied. Today he’s back with the music as he released the new EP, “The Ripple Effx“!

Consisting of 6 tracks, Alkaline returns with enough music to keep the people talking. Whether he’s updating the fans, throwing shots, or just having fun, he knows that the speakers will stay busy for “The Ripple Effx”. Carel Walsh, Oliver Wright, and Esron Spielberg are some of the names featured as Producers on the EP, and Alka flexes a few flows throughout. Today may have been a busy day World Cup wise, but it’s Vendetta time when all that is done with.

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Skeng Releases Debut EP, “Beast Of The Era”!

The time has come for Dancehall Artist Skeng to show the world that he is more than a singles Artist. With the year being kind to his career, he steps his game up even more with the release of his debut EP, “Beast Of The Era“.

Featuring 6 tracks, Skeng is ready to cross new territories, and connect with more fans. The EP will serve as an introduction, setting up the play for a debut album to be released in the future. Rvssian, John Coop, and DiTruth Records make up for the production on the EP while Shenseea and Jiggy D are the only guest features. Skeng has been enjoying looks internationally all year and high profile collaborations, so “Beast Of The Era” is just another step before becoming a major factor in other parts of the world. Prepare for a new era!

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.@Skillibeng Drops Surprise “I’ll Never Die” EP!

Dancehall Artist Skillibeng has been having one of his best years yet. With his music taking him to big stages like Rolling Loud, Something In The Water, and the Wireless Festival, Skilli found the formula to put his music on a Plane, and watch it take off. With collaborations from the likes of DJ Khaled, Ice Spice, WSTRN, and Mura Masa, the world is there for the taking for Skillibeng, and he’s locked in. Earlier today, he surprised everyone with the release of his “I’ll Never DieEP.

Currently a Youtube exclusive, Skillibeng’s “I’ll Never Die” EP features 5 tracks, and may just be a teaser to a new album. Nothing groundbreaking from Skillibeng here, as he has been tapping into more of the Trap Music/Drill vibe on previous efforts. Overall, his flow is still unique, and he’s not fixing what’s not broken. Though this is not the first time Skillibeng has done surprise releases, the project can hold listeners over until the announcement of even more music. At the end of the day, it’s new Skillibeng, so get familiar!

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Vybz Kartel Celebrates New Love With “True Religion” EP!

Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel has found love again. While some may question that statement or give an opinion, it seems that not even the Prison bars could stop Kartel from forming a new bond. He has found himself love in the form of Sidem Ozturk from the Country of Turkey, and they are looking forward to making two hearts become one. In the meantime, Vybz Kartel has made a dedication to new love in the form of the new EP, “True Religion“.

Featuring 7 tracks, Vybz Kartel is celebrating Sidem, and the forming of new love on the new EP. Kartel takes a melodic approach, showing a sometimes softer side on the new project, but we still get that Vybz Kartel who knows how to deal with his Women “Romping Shop” style. Overall, it’s a project that looks to stand out like his 2020 album, “To Tanesha“, which was dedicated to his former common-law Wife, Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson. “True Religion” features production from Hemton Music, and Adidjahiem Records.

Love is in the air. Check out the new EP below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@Skillibeng Expands His Reach With The “Mr. Universe EP”!

Dancehall Artist Skillibeng saw his career jump to levels that were considered legendary a couple years ago. Thanks to his string of singles that displayed sharp lyricism and instant comparisons to Vybz Kartel, Skilli was at the top of the Totem Pole overlooking his competitors. Since 2021, his name went from widely celebrated, to being ridiculed by some through the quality of some of his releases. His album “Crocodile Teeth” didn’t live up to the hype for some, and many were questioning his legitimacy as a Lyricist. He stirred up quite the controversy, but his loyal fans remained championing him. With his eyes set on covering more International grounds, Skillibeng released his latest EP, “Mr. Universe“.

Titled after the 2020 single, Skillibeng gives us 5 singles that should be able to give new listeners an idea of what to expect from him. The songs featured aren’t new, but his “Rocket Launcher” collaboration with Rapper Rich The Kid and Popcaan, “Piana“, and “The Most Power” from the “Crocodile Teeth” album are featured. His controversial single “Whap Whap” featuring F.S. made it to the list, so this EP is more for those who are new to Skillibeng’s catalogue. We look forward to more projects from Skillibeng this year, including a rumored album that has a June release date.

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Stalk Ashley "EXcuses, Pt. 1" on #StalkAshley #Jamaica #UK

.@Stalk_Ashley Deals With “EXcuses” On New EP

Stalk Ashley has been building her career to the level where everything she drops, the fans rush to it like ants to sugar. She has shown that she can take her career to International levels, and still keep it true to her Jamaican roots. While many still anticipate a full project from her, she keeps the fans happy with the release of her EP, “EXcuses, Pt. 1“.

With 6 tracks, Stalk Ashley gives us quality music that we’ve come to know from her. With her sultry vocals and an attitude that keeps you in line, “EXcuses, Pt. 1” is a release that you should add to your list. The EP features production from Krs., Darren Jaxx Jack, KingBNJMN, William Repko, Eugene Tsai, and Dylan Graham, and the beats definitely distract you while Stalk’s lyrics put you in a chokehold. Rapper/Producer BEAM makes an appearance on the EP as the sole guest feature, but he makes his presence felt. This year saw a lot of releases, but fans of Stalk Ashley will definitely keep this EP close as the album is finalized.

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