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Mixtape Movements: @BlvkH3ro – The H3rb Connoisseur (THC)

Following up to last year’s “H3ro’s Day“, Blvk H3ro is bringing his stash on 4/20 in the form of “THC” a.k.a. “The H3rb Connoisseur“. Featuring 7 tracks, H3ro’sWeedP” is released just one year after Marijuana was decriminalized in Jamaica and promises to keep the Stoners feeling merry on their own version of Christmas Day. With Production from The Grei Show, BoomDraw, JLL, and a feature from Lord Leno, get ready for a project filled with Ganja anthems and the possibility of getting a high that’ll last a few days. Artwork by Abigail Titus. Roll one up, blaze it up, check out the “WeedP” below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


In celebration of International Weed Day, more popularly known as 4/20, Blvk H3ro presents THC (The Herb Connoisseur), a musical project dedicated to the Holy Herb.

“It is a joy to share THC with my brethren in these times of Gideon,” says Blvk H3ro, “this project aims to satisfy the craving for upliftment and higher meds at this moment in our story”.

This eclectic collection of next-generation Jamaican music is released one year after the decriminalization of Ganja in Jamaica, but after decades of oppression for those defiant of the regime.

“THC will give you a different vibration and make you look at Herb differently,” he says, “too many people have suffered under the system and I forward in this time to bring a lickle joy, inspiration and creativity, so mek we bussweh!”

The Weedp has original compositions by Blvk H3ro and productions by The Grei Show, BoomDraw & Kone, JLL and Greatest. The project also features Lord Leno (son of Burro Banton). Majority of the project was recorded at Equiknoxx studios and additional mixing and mastering done by Shotta Biggs & Kris-Karz

Blvk H3ro now joins the ranks of his idols Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Sizzla Kalonji, and their diverse musical influences can be felt throughout the WeedP.

The THC Project will be officially released at Nanook, 20 Burlington Avenue, on April 20 (4/20) along with the exciting music video for ‘Herb’.


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NEW MUSIC: @RealIOctane – My Struggles

We all go through some sort of struggle in this life and today Recording Artist I-Octane speaks on that on “My Struggles“. Produced by DJ Frass Records, Octane looks back at his struggles growing up, issues that many go through, and highlighting his success and encourages others to go for theirs. A good selection from the Artist as Octane is known to drop some really good motivational songs. Off his upcoming “New Chapter EP“, check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Mixtape Movements: @KingBNJMN – Since 1993

Rapper/Producer King BNJMN drops his highly anticipated project, “Since 1993“. Known for some unique productions over the years (and a few verses here and there), this makes it his first EP as an Artist as his previous effort, 2014’s “Wanderlust featured his prowess in crafting remixes and original production. With 8 tracks on deck, this features co-production from SOS Dynamikz, Nova, KRS, Oshi, and verses from DutchBoy, Von Alexander, Oshi, SOS Dynamikz, Scolla, Carpe DM, and Maurice Moore. Artwork done by GrayT Art! Stop whatever you’re doing and check out this EP below, and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Mixtape Movements: @MaticulusAuburn – Inner Thoughts

With an increase in Artists opening up more in their music, Maticulus Auburn wants to share his “Inner Thoughts” to the world. This 8 track project is a mix of Dancehall, Reggae, and Hip Hop, and has Maticulus sharing his thoughts on Social Issues, his experiences, loss, and love. The project also features Production from JLL, Jon-Jon Productions, WengDiDJ, Markland Duncan, and contributions from Blvk H3ro, Neeqah, and Dimii Izem. Get familiar with the project below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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ARTWORK: @IAmVindon – 2020 EP

Manchester based Rapper Vindon recently revealed the artwork for his upcoming “2020 EP“. The project is slated to be released on January 24 and features production from SOS Dynamikz and contributions from his fellow Blu Rok members. Check out his previous project and get ready for January 24!


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