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Imije Pay Attention

“I can’t do it alone. We.” –¬†@shotti48

Not easing up off the exciting Hip-Hop buzz of 2015, we have artistes ready to hit the stage just under two months after Jan. 31! I once again have the privilege of sitting with all four & sharing with you precisely what to expect come March 28th when #PayAttention returns at new venue, Eutopia.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Back)

Today, we hear from Imije.

Q: No stranger to the #PayAttention showcase, welcome back. What do you plan to do differently this time round? So patrons can know what to expect.

A: It’s no surprise really!¬†I’m bringing that “Block”¬†to the stage and basically showcasing my brand of entertainment. ¬†I want my people to know¬†#Immortals,¬†we’re gonna party to that, nah mean? ¬†Y’all can expect live collabs with the Red General¬†(T.M.O.) and Kash Kapri¬†for starters.

Q: Between¬†Kapitaan,¬†Shotti and Imijin, how does your fan base relate to you as a “Yaadcore” Hip-Hop artiste?

A: They relate. I do street music, so it’s evident when the street feels it.¬†How do I know? By how individuals reciprocate my music and my fans abroad do actually carve a lane out for me.¬†I feel like I’m the stoner general of the new generation among this new crop of rappers. They holla¬†Shotti¬†when they see me, it’s all love!

Q: It has been two years since your last release and there is a scale of a difference between the two bodies of work. What took so long and do you feel like you’ve reached your prime with this new project?
A: Prime? Nah because more time, a foundation is key. ¬†At the time I did¬†S.B.H.D., I was not in as good a situation as I am now.¬†I took my time and I continue to.¬†Which is how I know I am not “at my prime” even at 25! ¬†Give me one year.

Q: I took the time to go through the¬†Immortals¬†e-booklet and I noticed that credit goes to a variety of independents. As a solo artiste, it’s regular to matriculate into a group of like-minded individuals as you progress, why haven’t you?

A: I mean everything Red Block¬†still; I’m just never one to wait.¬†So it’s always a, “If yuh wit’ me, yuh wit’ me” thing. This is how my movement works, who you see is who was with it,¬†I am not blind to a lot but all I do is hold my head and work.

Bonus: Word on the street is that you were in the process of signing to some interested label of sorts. Can you confirm this or are you sticking to the indie route?

A: At this point I can safely say that I am completely independent. There are prospects. Without an industry out here [lol] we don’t even exist so realistically, when you see me in the media, you will know.

Q: As the concept of “First Coast”¬†continues to be molded, what do you expect for the future of¬†#PayAttention¬†aside from venue shifts and ticket price increases?

A: Let me answer this with a line from¬†Nomad Carlos: “…time can move any mountain…” so I leave it to time. ¬†I¬†expect¬†nothing but I¬†hope¬†for the best.¬†Reasonable prices, increased crowds, women in large quantities, bigger venue, general upward interest from the Jamaican public.¬†My market is the world though, I’ll leave it at that.

Imije Contact:
IG [@876shot]
Twitter [@shotti48]
E-mail merel.simmonds48@gmail.com for booking/dubs
Get your tickets early. DM @payattentionja on IG or Twitter for more info.
Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Front)





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