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.@SizzlaOfficial Teams Up With @ChefLoDeezy on “Consistent”

Jamaican Music Icon Sizzla Kalonji continues to show the world that he’s not wasting the gifts that he was blessed with. With a work ethic that’s still impressive, best believe Sizzla’s working on new projects to release later this year. In the meantime we get singles, including this new collaboration called, “Consistent“.

Produced by SpaceAgeRasta for Artekal Music, “Consistent” is a collaboration between Sizzla and US-based Rapper/Culinary Chef Cheflodeezy. Together they deliver motivational lyrics, and blend their sounds and influences for an enjoyable track. While Cheflodeezy steps out with a different energy, Sizzla gives us that classic falsetto throughout. Accompanying the new collab, is a music video directed by Steven Bernard. They share their hardships, but are grateful for the many blessings that have been bestowed their way. What are you grateful for today?


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.@StayActiveCEO Is “Bringing It Back” To Business On New Single!

Trinidad-based Artist 1K StayActive continues to keep the streams busy with new music! With a year that saw him grow his reach and even got endorsed by a few prominent names, the upcoming Artist is working on his consistency, and releasing the right music that will catch more ears. Recently, 1K released the track, “Bringing It Back“.

Produced by OJG and featuring a sample of “Bumpy’s Lament” by Soul Mann & the Brothers, 1K StayActive gets into “trap mode” as he’s on a mission to elevate himself and others around him, and secure all the bags that come his way. Over a Drill-influenced production, 1K effortlessly flows and showcases why you need to pay attention to him. 1K is currently working on more music to be released by the end of the year, and is finalizing original content and a possible project for everyone to add to their collection. If you’re on the Island, be sure to catch him taking the stage at dates to be announced.

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LG N.I.K.E "Manifestation" on #Jamaica #Florida #HipHop #Music #13thStreetPromotions #LGNIKE #NaturalBondEnt #Manifestation #Caribbean

LG N.I.K.E Brings A Positive Change To Music With “Manifestation” Single!

The world needs a change, a shift from the negativity that will provide possibilities for better days. Enter LG N.I.K.E, a Florida-based Recording Artist who believes that music is the key that will open the right doors, and help to improve society. A new member of the Jamaican Record Label Natural Bond Entertainment roster, LG looks to make a difference with his talent, and contribute to revamping the music scene. He looks to start with the new single, “Manifestation”.

Released through Natural Bond Entertainment, LG N.I.K.E shows an unstoppable focus on “Manifestation”. On a mission to be successful and taking care of what’s important, LG shares that he’s ready to put in the work, and come out on top. Armed with sharp lyrics and a commanding delivery, LG looks to stand out, and build his brand in becoming a household name. Natural Bond Entertainment’s addition of a Hip Hop Artist to a predominantly Reggae/Dancehall roster will show their diversity, building the label to become a stronger force in the coming months. LG N.I.K.E looks to promote “Manifestation” through a campaign that will cover local and International media, and various Social Media platforms. Plans for a music video and additional content for “Manifestation” are currently in the works.

Born Wesley Walker, LG N.I.K.E is a US-based Recording Artist and Entrepreneur. The stage name is an acronym for “Life’s Good Now I Know Everything”, and symbolizes the many trials and tribulations that LG N.I.K.E. has experienced in his life. He has been an active Artist for over a decade, and he looks to take his career to another level through his partnership with Natural Bond Entertainment. LG believes that music is a gift, and he will use it in the right way to change the world.

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Jahbariii "Milestone" on #Jamaica #USA #HipHop #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Jahbariii #Milestone #Caribbean

.@Jahbariii Looks To Motivate With “Milestone”!

Producer/Recording Artist Jahbariii has been toiling away and ensuring that he creates some of the best products out. We first featured him in 2018, and since then, he has been catching the attention of many with his daily dose of content, and original production. Today, he wants to do something more, and we present to you his video for the track, “Milestone“.

Directed by Dawson Visions, Jahbariii is here to motivate fellow Creatives, and use his talents to get out of the struggle on the self-produced “Milestone”. While the road to success isn’t a nicely-paved walkway, Jahbariii has gotten advice and help from those who want to see him do well. He takes the stage to perform his track in the video, setting himself up for the day when he can perform to large crowds, and when his career takes off, he’ll lay the groundwork that will make his name influence future generations. A lil dose of motivation from Jahbariii to you, we hope it’s received well.

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Chase Soundz "Precious" on #Jamaica #Texas #HipHop #Music #13thStreetPromotions #ChaseSoundz #Precious #Family #Caribbean

.@SoundzHTG Emphasizes The Importance Of Family On “Precious”!

Chase Soundz is back with more music, so get your speakers ready! Despite a few setbacks this year, he remains as focused as ever, and stays dedicated to developing his craft. This time around, he gives us the track, “Precious“.

Done over a remake of “Meditate” by US Rappers J.I.D. and EarthGang, this Con produced beat was a great setup for Chase Soundz to speak on the importance of Family in his life. Chase is blessed to have good people around him, and despite the ups and downs, he is happy to have strong connections with people whether or not they share the same blood. Chase Soundz looks to release a few more songs, including a lil “Care Package” later this year. If you haven’t already, get familiar with Chase Soundz!

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Cardi B x Kanye West x Lil Durk - "Hot Shit" on #Jamaica #DominicanRepublic #Chicago #HipHop #Music #MarciaGriffiths #BunnyWailer #CardiB #LilDurk #KanyeWest #TayKeith #ElectricSlide #Reggae #PopMusic #Caribbean #HotShit #Bardi

Marcia Griffiths’ “Electric Slide” Sampled On @IAmCardiB’s “Hot S***” Single!

US Recording Artist Cardi B returns to form with new music this week. Officially making way for a new album, Cardi called up the arsenal to get the ball rolling with the new single, “Hot Shit“. Produced by Tay Keith, the track features verses from fellow Artists Lil Durk, and Kanye West. A high energy track just in time for the Summer, a small of a Jamaican classic could be heard in the track.

For a brief moment, you could hear a sample of Marcia Griffiths’ 1989 hit, “Electric Slide” accompanying a line on “Hot Shit”. Originally called “Electric Boogie” which was recorded and produced by the late Bunny Wailer in 1976, and released in 1980 and 1989, “Electric Slide” lived a few lives over the years. While it was a minor hit for Wailer in the late 70s and 80s, Marcia Griffiths’ 1983 version of the record was released and became a minor hit as well. It wasn’t until 1989 when a remixed version that was featured on Griffiths’ “Carousel” album quickly made it a dance staple around the world. The new version gave birth to the “Electric Slide” dance, which became the official dance for cookouts, family gatherings, Weddings, and various celebrations and events over the years.

Expect a lot more from Cardi B this year, and fans can look forward to a new project from her. In the meantime, check out the content below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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