@PayAttentionJA PROMO: @Sef_Jo Interviews @Korofyah

Koro Fyah

“Nuh judge me true mi eyes red!” – @KoroFyah

Within 24 hours much can be accomplished. Believe it or not, a day from now #PayAttention goes live again and further establishes itself a milestone within the Jamaican entertainment diaspora. I have nothing further to say on this topic; come show your support.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Back)

Introducing the Mogul, Koro Fyah

Q: Representing for Bebble, looking forward to catching you live at #PayAttention, what are your expectations on March 28th?

A: I expect a receptive crowd, a high energy, some solid music and heavy bass!

Q: With a fresh track bouncing around on the airwaves and a solid project to come, what should patrons AND fans look forward to from Koro Fyah on stage?

A: A solid performance, a bit different from my usual sets but… it’s #PayAttention, we’re allowed to be different, “spice” it a different way…

Q: “New Day” shows master-class production levels, it’s pretty dope. Describe working with Kabaka Pyramid in the compilation of the track and was the wide reception from fans expected after it’s release?

A: Working with Kabaka as a producer is always great, he made the beat for our collaboration “Betta Mus Come”. Interestingly, the process started with me singing this same song [New Day] on a completely different track. Kabaka heard it and liked it, but thought that it needed a stronger rhythm. That’s when he took it to that level, by linking up members of the band, next thing you know.. is a smooth, sweet reggae rhythm built from scratch and it ended up being just perfect for my song.

Bonus: Can we expect an appearance from the Pyramid on the night of the performance?

A: Haha! …with the Bebble Rock anything is possible. He was there the last time suh….

Q: How would you respond to someone who out-rightly challenged the lifestyle you exhibit as a reggae artiste in modern day society?

A: Firstly, I can only speak about my energy that I project as an Artiste and as an individual or my perception of self. I see no problem with my exhibition, it is in keeping with my own understanding of the world I live in and how we as artistes and people have to evolve + adapt in this modern day society…

Q: You are no stranger to the the 1st Coast scene. As an alternative to local reggae or dancehall, share some strategies of how you feel we as a collective will progress with #PayAttention at the forefront of this movement seemingly evolving before our eyes.

A: (1) Maybe streaming your events content for free would help boost overseas or regional popularity. This also helps with more free exposure for artistes alike (2) Get an international act to grace the stage at a future #PayAttention, that would do a lot for credibility and further exposure however expensive an investment it would be.

Koro Fyah Contact:

@KoroFyah IG | Twitter


Bandcamp | Soundcloud

E-mail bebblerock@gmail.com for bookings/interviews.
E-mail korofyahmusic@gmail.com for dubs.

Get your tickets early. DM @payattentionja on IG or Twitter for more info.
Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Front)





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