PRESS RELEASE: @NadeshaStarface Says She “Nah Lef”

Nadesha Edwards, more popularly known as ‘Starface’ is a new face of Dancehall with all the elements of a star, as her name so rightly suggests. She has the image, the lyrics, and the onstage poise to represent female liberation.
The ‘Hold My Man’ Artiste is known largely for her sexual appeal, her prowess and for always representing for her female audience. She recently released the single “Nah Lef” – another female anthem, revealing reasons as to why her man won’t be leaving anytime soon. The single was produced by Canadian-based label Konsequence Muzik.
“I chose this topic because it is a situation that females can relate to”, Starface emphasized.
In recent interviews with NewsTalk93FM on D’Fusion with Lady D, Entertainment Reload and Intense on TVJ she told her fans and well-wishers about her management team and new projects and upcoming show.  She recently shot a corresponding video to her latest single ‘Hold My Man’ – produced by Konsequence Muzik – to be released soon.
Starface’s Management team is comprised of Tristmar Peart, CEO of Konsequence Muzik, Manager Davila and Latoya McKay, Executive Public Relations and Personal Assistant for the Artiste. Her exclusive booking agent is Supreme Promotions who can be contacted at
Starface’s most recent performances have been at an event called ‘Feud In The Street’ at The Ranch in Llandioll, Westmoreland and at Sting launch Tuesday December 1, 2015.
“I am overwhelmed and very happy that my music and the work of my team is getting recognized – so much so that I’ll be performing on this platform”, said Starface.
The Artiste is said to have the qualities of the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw with her raunchy and sexually explicit lyrics. “I respect, and love the work of Lady Saw and I am working hard to be that caliber of artiste” said the Diva.
Starface is booked to perform prime time for Sting 2015 at Jamworld, Portmore in the “Pretty Face of Dancehall” segment. Due to her lyrics and the topics she chooses to sing about, the Artiste has a wide fan base of females who adore, her calling her “the next big thing”.
“I know as a woman in this business, I have to work ten times harder than the males, but I am determined, focused on taking my career very seriously and becoming a household name”, said Starface.
Latoya McKay
Twitter: @LatoyaPublicist
Instagram: @Latoyamckaypr





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