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PRESS RELEASE: @RomiePrince Delivers “Baby”

JahRomie XO is showcasing his versatility with his latest single, “Baby.” Dubbed as the bedroom anthem for the summer; “Baby” plays on the senses with its alluring and sensual lyrics that leaves a lot to the imagination.

When asked what the inspiration was behind the single, he stated, “I just felt moved to create something for the ladies. Something stimulating to the mind and body.” JahRomie definitely didn’t fall short of his goals with 1000 views on YouTube since its debut three days ago and, still climbing. It’s evident that JahRomie is pulling out all the stops to ensure his fans all across the board get a taste of what he has to offer, and so far he’s been getting great feedback. “Yeah man, I’ve been getting a lot of love for this single. I’m always confident about the music I put out but I didn’t expect it to get as much positive feedback as it has been so far”.

There’s something to be said about an artiste that can flex his lyrical muscles and still appeal to the wider audience. “Baby” is for sure poised to be on the lips of the ladies this summer; so don’t be too surprised if you hear it playing on the radio, everywhere you go. JahRomie XO, is the artiste to watch for 2016. Stay tuned.





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