Freddy Browne Is Ready To “Glow” On New Single!

New York/California based Artist/Producer/DJ Freddy Browne is ready to make 2022 one of the best years of his career. Hailing from Long Island, New York, Freddy has been connecting with many in the music scene for years as a member of the bands The Formula Project, One of Us, and one7, as a solo Artist through numerous music releases including his “The Recipe” album and “Get Up!” with Afro Soul Recording Artist Niniola, and as a DJ whose sets have been described as legendary as he plays great music for his ever growing audience. Freddy Browne is gearing up for the release of a double album this year, but before he does so, he kicks things off with the release of the single, “Glow”.

Featuring Musician/Singer Darren Lee a.k.a. DLee, Freddy Browne seeks to take listeners on a ride on “Glow” as he taps into different sounds for this release. He shares the message of “No rules, no barriers, and no limitations” throughout the track, as it has been his motto for a number of years. Freddy Browne shows he’s never boxed in with his music as he takes influences from various genres to create his own sound. The “Glow” single is accompanied by a music video, a first for Freddy, and it brings together a visual representation of his motto. Freddy Browne looks forward to the support of “Glow” worldwide through radio spins, and social media sharing, giving his brand a greater presence globally.

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Baron - Christmas With The Baron on #TrinidadandTobago #Caribbean #AuldLangSyne

OLDIES SUNDAY: Baron – Auld Lang Syne (1997)

It’s Boxing Day part 1! We hope you all had a great Christmas Day filled with unity, laughs, good food, and gifts. We’re giving an Oldies Sunday selection for the final time in 2021. We thank you for giving it some support, and we look forward to even more in 2022. In true New Year fashion, we bring to you Trini legend Baron and his track, “Auld Lang Syne“.

Produced by Julian Williams and released through JW Productions in 1997, Baron gives us some Soca vibes with his version of the classic “Auld Lang Syne“. A song that helps to ring in the new year, Baron brings in some backup singers for a performance that goes very well with your favourite drink, and good people (via Zoom because we’re still social distancing). The track was featured on Baron’s “Christmas With The Baron” album which was also released in 1997. We hope you enjoyed 2021 despite all the madness that happened throughout. May 2022 be even better, and we stay safe and successful. Thanks for being a part of the Blog!

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Jahazeil "Left To Right" on #Jamaica

.@JahazeilMusic Seeks An Escape On “Left To Right”

Recording Artist Jahazeil Myrie is on the way to becoming a household name, and he is taking the necessary steps to grow his brand, and extend his catalogue. Despite times of controversy and setbacks, he works on being consistent with the music. For weeks Jahazeil has been teasing listeners with the single, “Left To Right” through Social Media previews, with the promise that it’ll be ready soon. The wait is finally over, and today you can check it out!

Produced by Kvsh Entertainment and Duss Records, Jahazeil speaks about some of the trials he has been facing daily on “Left To Right”. Whether they affect him spiritually, physically, or mentally, he keeps his faith in God strong, and continues to persevere, and he seeks a sweet escape from all the madness. Accompanying the single is a Music Video directed by Street Cinema. We look forward to new developments from Jahazeil come 2022. If you’re not familiar with him, change that today!

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Willie Colon x Hector Lavoe - Esta Navidad on #PuertoRico #WillieColon #HectorLavoe #Christmas

OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe – Esta Navidad (1971)

It’s only a few days before Christmas Day, but we had to get you an Oldies Sunday fix. For the month of December, we feature some of the Christmas songs you grew up on. Today’s selection finds us in Puerto Rico for Musicians/Producers Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe’sEsta Navidad“.

Produced along with Jerry Masucci and released through Fania Records (a first for the label) in 1971, Christmas gets some Latin flavour thanks to the sounds of Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe. Willie and Hector are legends in the genre, and making Christmas music was just another extension of their respective brands, and showed that they could make gold out of anything. “Esta Navidad” was featured on the duo’s 1971 album, “Asalto Navideño“. Need some Salsa for the holidays? Tune in, and Merry Christmas when it comes!

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Kashief Lindo - "Rockin Christmas" on #christmas #Jamaica #Music

OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Kashief Lindo – Rockin Christmas (1994)

It’s that time of year again where we roll out your favourite holiday songs, it’s Christmas time on “Oldies Sunday“! For today’s selection, we connect with someone who we consider one of those Vocalists who hasn’t gotten enough love from Jamaica. He has made his name for years, and is considered a legend. Today, we check out Kashief Lindo, and his single, “Rockin Christmas“.

Produced by his legendary father Willie Lindo and released through Heavy Beat Records in 1994, Kashief Lindo gave us a modern Christmas song that kept everyone dancing. Armed with great vocals and a quality Reggae production, Kashief did no wrong when he made this one. The track was featured on his 1994 album, “Kashief Lindo Sings Christmas“, which featured covers, and a few original songs. Kashief Lindo was child star who had a respectable run in the 90s and early 2000s, and still active as a Recording Artist today. Those who grew up on his music will be taken back in time with this one. Be sure to share with a friend this holiday.

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Kris Karz - "ENERGY" Music Video for

.@Kris_Karz Brings “ENERGY” To Your Screen With New Visual

Earlier this year, Producer/Recording Artist Kris Karz released the groovy single, “ENERGY” with Singer Timothy David. Featuring smooth vocals and witty lyrics paired with a dope production, it was Kris’ 3rd single that was leading up to a project that had a possible Summer 2021 release. With life being life and Covid’s still running the show, those plans were postponed. Now with a renewed focus, Kris Karz is back to give the world for content. Today, we get the visual for “ENERGY“!

Directed by Dylan Golden, Kris Karz brings his A-game to your screen! Throughout the “ENERGY” video we can see him making some smooth moves on a beautiful Afro lady (played by Dyna Edyne), giving us some 70s Soul vibes. When he’s not getting into some player vibes, he takes it to the stage by performing with his band that consists of Kris Karz on keys, and Kris Karz on Guitar. Timothy David shows up throughout the video as well to deliver the hook. Kris Karz continues to give us dope visuals to go with his singles, and we know he has a lot more in store. If you haven’t been getting familiar with him, you need to change that now!

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