OLDIES SUNDAY: Red Rat – Shelly Ann (1996)

When it comes to your reputation, many will go all out to protect it. When rumors are spread about you, it can be a very dangerous thing. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection dabbles a little of both of those situations. Today, we highlight a classic from Dancehall Artist Red Rat called, “Shelly Ann“.

Produced by Danny Browne on the “Scandal Riddim“, and released through the Main Street label in 1996. On the track, Red Rat shares with the world the story of a young Woman named Shelly Ann who has built a reputation for herself. Whether true or false, the rumors about her being very promiscuous, gives sexual favors for just about anything, and not having any ambition outside of having many men were spread far and wide. Despite all that’s going on, her Mother is unaware of her Daughter’s activities, and it would get ugly if she was to find out.

“Shelly Ann” though controversial, was a hit for Red Rat, and helped to pave the way for a successful music career. “Shelly Ann” was featured on his 1997 debut album, “Oh No…It’s Red Rat“, and is still one of the Artist’s most recognized singles. Since the release of “Shelly Ann”, Red Rat scored a few more hits, and is still active in the Dancehall circles. Be wary of the rumors spread about you. Oh no! Poor Shelly Ann.

thank you Red Rat for this classic!

*Thanks to Genelle Golding for requesting a Red Rat single for this series!

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