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OLDIES SUNDAY: King Sporty – Thinking Of You (1973)

Yesterday (September 19) marked the 77th birthday of the late Singer/Musician/DJ/Producer, King Sporty. A man who was never afraid to try new things, he was a man who mastered his craft well, and the world loved him. Today, we salute him on “Oldies Sunday” with the selection, “Thinking Of You“.

Released in 1973 through the Konduko label, it was a more uptempo cover of The Blues Busters’ 1971 track which was produced by the late Byron Lee. King Sporty handled production here as it was a smooth blend of Reggae, Funk, and Soul sounds. On the track, Sporty shares lyrics about a lost love who he misses dearly, how them separating affected him, and pleads they give their relationship another chance. The production was really good on this, and made many believe that Sporty was the original performer of the track. “Thinking Of You” was played at various gigs including the Gusman Hall in Miami, Florida, where King Sporty resided and became a pioneer for the Miami Reggae scene.

Prior to “Thinking Of You”, King Sporty was a DJ for the late “Sir Coxsone” Dodd’s sound system. In the 70s, he became a label owner, performer, and co-wrote the Bob Marley classic, “Buffalo Soldier“. Since the mid-80s, he was married to the late legendary R&B Singer Betty Wright until his death in 2015. “Thinking Of You” was sampled in 2010 by Hip Hop group Fun Lovin’ Criminals for their “Classic Fantastic” track.

Walk good, King Sporty!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @TootsMaytals – Do The Reggay (1968)

Today’s Oldies Sunday is dedicated to the late Frederick “Toots” Hibbert. A man who knew a thing or few about longevity, Toots Hibbert is the originator of the genre we know as “Reggae“. A man who inspired generations, created hits, and looked good doing it all, the world was definitely rocked when he made his transition on September 11. As founder and member of The Maytals, today we highlight the selection, “Do The Reggay“.

Produced by Leslie Kong and released through the Beverley’s Records in 1968, “Do The Reggay” was made to accompany a popular dance of the same name. While the song didn’t feature complex lyrics, it provided fun sounds that prompted listeners to get into a groove. Through the release of the single, Toots Hibbert is named as a pioneer of Reggae music as “Do The Reggay” marked a shift from the Ska and Rocksteady eras of music into a new genre of more upbeat sounds, and generations of new artists.

Today, regardless of anything, we just want you to enjoy the music, and remember one of the greatest artists to ever emerge from Jamaica. Rest in Peace Toots Hibbert, and thank you for the classics! Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Lord Creator – Kingston Town (1970)

August is an important month for Jamaica as its Independence and emancipation are celebrated in it. With the month coming to a close, today’s Oldies Sunday selection shows love to its capital, Kingston. Today, we kick things off with Lord Creator’sKingston Town“.

Produced by Clancy Eccles, it was recorded in 1969, and released in 1970 by Clancy’s Records/Clan Disc Records. The song was a remake of Lord Creator’s 1963 Ska single, “Babylon” which was produced by Vincent “Randy” Chin (founder of VP Records), but was given a few changes. “Kingston Town” speaks about a place that Creator longs to visit. A place where he could call home with his Queen, and experience many wonders. In the original song, it referred to “Babylon”, but after Creator’s visit to Jamaica, it inspired him to re-record the song and replace “Babylon” with “Kingston Town”. Jamaica was such a wonder for Lord Creator who was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, that he made it his home for decades, eventually finding his Queen, and fathering 10 children in the process (he is the father of 15). The song didn’t catch on right away when it was released, but once it found its way overseas, it became very popular.

“Kingston Town” became one of Lord Creator’s biggest hits over the years, so much so that it was covered by legendary UK Reggae/Ska band, UB40 in 1989. Their version went on to be a top 10 hit, and was certified a multiplatinum selling single. Despite being a hit, it caused controversy over the years, shortly after UB40’s success, there was a fight over ownership between Lord Creator and Clancy Eccles. It was somewhat resolved some time after. Another controversy came in 2007 when the song’s copyright holders Sparta Florida Music Group took Celebrity/Recording Artist Paris Hilton and Warner Chappell Music to court for plagiarism as Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” single allegedly shared similarities to “Kingston Town”. It was believed to have been settled out of court in 2009.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Little Roy – Tribal War (1974)

It’s Election time again in Jamaica! Despite the world getting rocked back and forth thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the dates for the Island’s 18th General Election on August 11 in Parliament. While Election time in Jamaica is usually a “Silly Season“, it was pretty different in the era of our Oldies Sunday selection. Today, we highlight Little Roy’sTribal War“.

Produced by Earl Lowe and released through Roy’s Tafari label in 1974, Little Roy provides some social commentary here as he speaks out against the various conflicts happening in the world especially during Election time in Jamaica in 1972. In that year, the Michael Manley led People’s National Party (PNP) emerged victorious over the Hugh Shearer (who held the position during Alexander Bustamante’s absence due to illness) led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Election time in Jamaica is usually met with a lot of tension, and found supporters on opposing sides attacking each other to the point where it gets violent. Little Roy’s track asked for all those acts to cease, rival gangs get together in the name of peace, and everyone promoting living in love and harmony. “Tribal War” became a very popular song for Little Roy, but despite the popularity, it never received much airplay until other versions were made years later. Regardless of the opposition, he found a lot of success with it as he sold thousands of copies of the track by hand.

Since the release of “Tribal War”, it has been covered by various artists including John Holt, Ronnie Davis, and George Nooks, and has been sampled by Nas and Tony Rebel. The track is still an important one, and we’ll always thank Little Roy for it. Check it out below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

Editor’s Note: I can’t believe Little Roy’s original “Tribal War” is not available for streaming, but John Holt and George Nooks’ versions are.
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OLDIES SUNDAY: Toney Barrett – Trying Man (1978)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection is for the Creators. Time and time again, many of us have spent a great portion of our lives creating, but never can seem to catch a break. Sometimes it’s like no matter how great our talent is, or how awesome our projects are, they all get overshadowed but something else, or someone. Today, the selection comes from Recording Artist/Producer Toney Barrett with his track, “Trying Man“.

The Roots Reggae track was released in 1978 through Isabel Records. With lyrics that can resonate with many even in today’s society, Toney asks what’s the meaning of his sufferation as he possesses wonderful talents, but can’t seem to get the needed opportunities, and be able to achieve the things that he wants. What’s special about the track is not only Toney Barrett singing on it, is the fact that he also wrote it, arranged it, and produced it. A track that became well known over time, it was one of a handful that Toney Barrett released. We dedicate today’s entry to all the Creators, keep pushing and making things happen, we’ll get our time soon!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Mr. Pants – The Bam Bam (1992)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection promises to get you dancing. While dancing music is no stranger to Dancehall, we go back a couple decades to hear a fun one from Dancehall Artist, Mr. Pants. Today’s selection is, “The Bam Bam“! Produced by Elon J Robinson on a variation of the “Bam Bam Riddim“, the track was released through the Top Rank label in 1992. Throughout the song, Mr. Pants paid respect to the “Bam Bam Riddim”, and utilized “Bam Bam” as its punchline. On the song, Mr. Pants utilized a vocal style similar to then top Deejay Tiger, but overall made a catchy song that required you to bust a dance move or few. Everybody love off the “Bam Bam”, and you should too!

Mr. Pants’ “The Bam Bam” enjoyed some success, and was added to his string of releases which included, “Original Stamina”, “New Style”, “50 Pear”, “Rema and Jungle” with Yami Bolo, “Carry It Back”, and “Duck” which was also featured on the “Bam Bam Riddim”, and utilized the same Tiger styled delivery. Mr. Pants hasn’t released many songs since “The Bam Bam”, but fans still check for Mr. Pants’ music every now and then. If you’re familiar with Event Director/Jamaican Social Media Personality @iRealPedro, this is his Dad. Shout out Pedro!

Set your time machine to 1992 and check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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