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OLDIES SUNDAY: Lady Patra – Queen Of The Pack (1993)

There are many Queens, but there is only one Queen Patra! Today she celebrates Lady Patra’s birthday, and we honour her on Oldies Sunday by highlighting her classic “Queen Of The Pack” single!

Produced by Clifton “Specialist” Dillon and Tony “CD” Kelly and released through Epic Records in 1993, “Queen Of The Pack” was Patra’s way of promoting female empowerment as she showed that she can stand on her own, is strong, smart, and beautiful, and she runs things! Patra had no problems standing out in a male dominated Dancehall scene, and it paid off for her. “Queen Of The Pack” was one of Patra’s most memorable singles, and was featured on her 1993 debut album of the same name. It was later remixed by Producer Salaam Remi, and covered by Dancehall Artist Destiny Sparta in 2016.

Since “Queen Of The Pack”, Patra went on to release more singles, took some time off from music to complete her degree in History & Political Science, returned with more music, and flexed her entrepreneurial muscle with her Chateau 7 restaurant in Kingston. You can shuffle the deck all you want, but the “Queen Of The Pack” will always be on top! Big up Patra, and Happy Birthday!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Half Pint – Victory (1987)

Today’s Oldies Sunday is dedicated to all who celebrating wins whether big or small, and for those working towards their goals. The fight to greatness continues. Today’s selection comes from the great Half Pint with the track, “Victory“!

Produced by Mass Hugh for his self titled label and released in 1987, Half Pint sings for those who are in the struggle trying to make success a possibility. He points out to those living in poverty in places like South Africa, Jamaica, America, England, and Canada. With the help of Jah, Half Pint wishes a sweet victory for everyone, and make the world a better place. The single was featured on Half Pint’s Victory” album that was released in the same year through RAS Records. “Victory” was a hit for Half Pint, and is one of his more memorable tracks.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Hopeton Lindo – Slaughter (1991)

When you hear the whistle, you know you’re gonna hear a big tune! Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Recording Artist Hopeton Lindo. Stepping in like a General, we check out “Slaughter“! Produced by Mikey Bennett, the single was released through Two Friends Records in 1991. On the track, Hopeton kicks it off with his famous whistling before delivering some bad bwoy lyrics to those who think they’ll get the upper hand when they confront him. A song that’s fitting for any Sound Clash, Hopeton Lindo was ready to send all opponents to the cemetary when they step into his area for battle. “Slaughter” was a popular track for Hopeton, and was featured on his critically acclaimed debut album, “The Word” in 1992.

Since “Slaughter”, Hopeton Lindo went on to make more music, and did some production as well. He was responsible for penning the classic JC LodgeTelephone Love“, and Deborahe Glasgow’sChampion Lover” with Co-Writer Home-T. Once again, when you hear the whistle, you’re gonna hear a big tune! Kuff him!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: The Blackstones – Best Love (1996)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from UK based Reggae trio, The Blackstones! We go back in time with them to check out their single, “Best Love“. Produced by Bernard Collins, this was released in 1996 through Prestige Records. The track is dedicated to that special person who holds your heart, and The Blackstones speak for us when they say, “Your love is the best love for me…“. With their soulful vocals and a Riddim that you can’t help but slow dance to, “Best Love” is one that deserves plenty spins.

“Best Love” was featured on the group’s 1996 album, “Riding High“, and was well received in the Lovers Rock scene in Jamaica and the UK. The song was sampled for US Rapper Action Bronson’s 2020 single, “Golden Eye” which was produced by Budgie. Formed in 1974, The Blackstones is a group that showcases beautiful harmonies, and raises the bar for vocal styles and sounds that were set by groups before them like The Techniques, The Gaylads, The Wailers, The Paragons, and many others. Originally consisting of brothers Leon, Neville, and Byron Leiffer, The Blackstones has made changes over the years as Neville and Byron left to pursue solo careers. They were replaced with Tony Douglas and Ken Kendricks in the 1980s. Since then, more changes were made, and the group now consists of Leon Leiffer, Tony Mahoney, and Junior Bailey. Some of their most notable work involved them working with the late Sir “Coxsone” Dodd at Studio One, Phil Pratt for Channel One Studios, and the late Bunny “Striker” Lee.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Big Youth – S90 Skank (1974)

It’s Heroes Weekend in Jamaica, and we know many will find a way to have some fun during the Covid 19 Pandemic (Please be safe, and don’t add to the high positive cases). While there is a curfew implemented, that won’t stop the people from taking trips around the Island. Many would be looking forward to crews and gangs revving their choice of Bikes ranging from “Ninja Bikes” to “Yeng Yengs”, and today’s Oldies Sunday is a tribute to that, and honour a legend. Today’s selection comes from Manley Buchanan O.D. a.k.a. the great Big Youth with the track, “S90 Skank“.

Produced by Keith Hudson for his Imbidmts label and released in 1974, the track was inspired by the Honda S90, a popular Motorcycle in Jamaica at the time. The song featured Big Youth performing a series of half singing and toasting throughout the track, and you could hear the revving of a Bike at various parts. When recording, a Bike was brought into the Studio for added realism. The song turned out to be Big Youth’s first hit single, and was even used by Honda for a S90 Commercial. The track was featured on his “Everyday Youth (The Best Of Big Youth)” album in 1980, and “Cool Breeze – Ride Like Lightning: The Best Of Big Youth 1972-1976” album in 2002. Big Youth went on release many hits and projects over the years, and become an influence to generations of Reggae/Dancehall artists. This month (October 2020), he has been awarded the Order Of Distinction by the Government of Jamaica for his various contributions to the culture.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: @MichieBadGalMee x L.A. Luv – Jamaican Funk (1990)

For today’s “Oldies Sunday“, we’re going give it you Hip Hop style. For those unfamiliar, Hip Hop’s roots traces back to Jamaica. While many have done tremendous things for the genre and its culture, we have to remember the pioneers. Jamaica has DJ Kool Herc, and also Michie Mee, a Canadian Hip Hop pioneer. Today, we feature Michie Mee’s single, “Jamaican Funk“.

Produced by King Of Chill and released through First Priority Music in 1990, “Jamaican Funk” was a collaboration between Michie Mee and DJ L.A. Luv, and was a single that helped to spawn the growth of the Canadian Hip Hop movement. It was also one of the first singles that blended Hip Hop and Dancehall as Michie deejayed and rapped throughout the track. The single did very well for Michie Mee, and was given a remix called, “Jamaican Funk Canadian Style“. Both versions were featured on Michie Mee & L.A. Luv’s album, “Jamaican Funk-Canadian Style“, which was a success for the duo as the album crossed borders, charted on American charts, and was nominated for a Juno award. Since “Jamaican Funk”, Michie Mee went on to make more moves as an artist including founding the band, Raggadeath, influencing the new generation of artists, and kicking down the door for many of your favourites. She also dabbled in acting with roles in the film “In Too Deep“, and appearing in TV shows like “Soul Food” and “Da Kink In My Hair“. She is the Queen of Canadian Hip Hop, and a yaad she come from!

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