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OLDIES SUNDAY: Determine – Rappin Up Rhymes (2001)

It may be a wet weekend thanks to a couple Tropical Storms throughout the Caribbean, but we’re giving thanks for life, and praying for those who are battling the bad Weather. We hope you all have been staying safe in your own way. We’re bringing a different vibe on today’s Oldies Sunday. Today’s selection comes from Reggae/Dancehall Artist Determine with the track, “Rappin Up Rhymes“.

Produced by Steely & Clevie on the “Nine Night Riddim” and released in 2001 through Studio 2000, Determine stepped out on a song that showcased his unique flow, and his ability to control any Riddim that was thrown his way. Determine had a few hits in the 90s, and he presented himself as an Artist that stood out no matter what. “Rappin Up Rhymes” was just one of his many examples, and the track was a hit. In promotion of “Rappin Up Rhymes”, a music video directed by Llewellyn O’Reggio was released. The video found Determine chilling with the ladies at the River, interacting with many people in his hometown of Portland including his fellow Rastafarian brethren, and we see an appearance from members of his family including a young Runkus. Determine is still an active member in the Jamaican music scene, and many of his fans still remember “Rappin Up Rhymes” and his previous releases.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Brick & Lace – Love Is Wicked (2007)

For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we go back to a time when Trucker Hats were back in style, Von Dutch was a brand people were familiar with, Jamaica was trending Internationally thanks to a few great Jamaican Artists, and this Jamaican girl group were on the verge of blowing up overseas. That girl group originally consisted of sisters Nailah, Nyanda, and Tasha Thorbourne, but was later reduced to just Nailah and Nyanda, and they were called, “Brick & Lace“! Today, we check out “Love Is Wicked“.

Produced by Steven “Lenky” Marsden on the “Diwali Riddim and released in 2007, Brick & Lace spoke about a love that despite being everything they wanted and they’d give their all for it, that person that gave the love never belonged to them, and has resulted in hurt. The song’s upbeat production made it a danceable one, and the hook was very catchy. The deliveries on “Love Is Wicked” stood out thanks to Nailah’s singing and Nyanda’s singjaying, and it quickly became a hit in Jamaica, and parts of the world.

“Love Is Wicked” successfully crossed over to the International market, and was featured in the soundtrack to “Bratz: The Movie“, got featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live“, was included in the soundtrack for the “Sims 2” video game, and has enjoyed a number of remixes. Brick & Lace capitalized off the success of “Love Is Wicked” with a debut album of the same name which was released in 2007.

Since the release of “Love Is Wicked”, Brick & Lace went on to release a few more singles while being signed to Akon’s Kon Live label, formed a songwriting team with sisters Tasha and Candace called Bloodline, launched solo careers (Nailah goes by “Nyla” while Nyanda used her name), and the duo is currently enjoying TikTok love as “Love Is Wicked” has been gaining viral success since 2021, and grew even more thanks to TikToker Cynesse. Will the Thorbourne sisters return to the scene as a duo? Who knows, but “Love Is Wicked” remains a classic.

Thank You Brick & Lace For This Classic!

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Elephant Man - "Chaka Chaka Dance" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #ElephantMan #September11 #ChakaChakaDance #ChakaChaka #ChakaChakaRiddim #Oldies #2004 #OldiesSunday #FireLinks #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: Elephant Man – Chaka Chaka Dance (2004)

Today, we celebrate the Birthday of a Jamaican Music legend by the name of Elephant Man! For close to 30 years, Elephant Man has been giving you hits, brought an energy like no other, and has influenced many. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we highlight one of his dance hits, “Chaka Chaka Dance“!

Produced by Fire Links and released in 2004 on the “Chaka Chaka Riddim“, Elephant Man stepped out with a new song to promote the new dance called, “Chaka Chaka“. Having a knack for remixing popular songs and making them his own, Elephant Man borrowed the cadence from Eric “Monty” Morris’Sammy Dead” for “Chaka Chaka Dance”. With the line “Dance to di Riddim, Chaka Chaka…“, we were in for a fun time packed with high energy, and a workout. “Chaka Chaka Dance” was a hit for Elephant Man, appearing on charts in Jamaica and parts of the Caribbean. The single was further promoted with a Music Video directed by Llewellyn “BigDaddyLeo” O’Reggio, which was filmed during a staging of the weekly “Weddy Weddy” street dance event in Kingston, and featured many of the popular Jamaican Dancers.

Since the success of “Chaka Chaka”, Elephant Man continued to enjoy a more successful music career that is still very active. With a ton of hits to his name, “Chaka Chaka Dance” is high on the list for some.

Thank You Elephant Man For This Classic!


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Big Mountain "Baby I Love Your Way" on #Jamaica #America #USA #Reggae #Music 313thStreetPromotions #BigMountain #BabyILoveYourWay #OldSchool #1994 #RealityBites #PeterFrampton #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: @BigMountainBand – Baby I Love Your Way (1994)

It’s another Oldies Sunday, where we highlight a few classics, and old school songs you’ve never heard before. For today’s selection, we fly over to San Diego, California to check out Reggae Band Big Mountain’sBaby I Love Your Way“.

Produced by Ron Fair, this was released in 1994 through Giant/RCA. Big Mountain’s “Baby I Love Your Way” was a remake of the Peter Frampton’s 1975 single. The remake had a Reggae vibe, which contrasted from the original’s Soft Rock sound. Big Mountain’s version enjoyed chart success peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, #2 on the UK Singles Chart, and #1 in Denmark, Spain, and Sweden. The track was included in the soundtrack for the 1994 Rom-Com, “Reality Bites“, and went on to go Platinum in Australia, Silver in the UK, and Gold in the US. The track was featured in Big Mountain’s 3rd album, “Unity“, and remains one of their biggest songs. They also performed the song at Reggae Sunsplash, as they were booked in 1994, and 1995.

Since the release of “Baby I Love Your Way”, Big Mountain went on to release more singles and albums, and continues to remain active performers taking their music to various parts of the world.

Thank You Big Mountain For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Snagga Puss – “Tatie” (1994)

We’re in the 90s, where music enjoyed a season of fusions, the fashion was flashy, and the vibes were right. In Jamaica, it was a time where Dancehall and Hip Hop were always in the studio and making noise overseas, many legends just got their official start, and many dances were created. For today’s “Oldies Sunday” selection, we highlight Snagga Puss (formerly known as Dickie Ranking), and his single, “Tatie“!

Produced by Patrick Roberts for the Shocking Vibes label and released in 1994, Snagga Puss joined in on the fun and created a song for a dance called the “Tatie”. Snagga Puss’ persona and delivery were inspired by the Cartoon character Snagglepuss, and helped to make “Tatie” a hit. “Tatie” was featured on Snagga Puss’ 1995 album, “Reggae Funky“. “Tatie” the dance became popular with the youth, and joined the list of prominent dances including the “Bogle“, “Butterfly“, “Peppaseed“, and “World Dance“. Like many dances of the past, “Tatie” has been remixed and renamed a few times over the years. A music video for the track was made in support of “Tatie”, and it was directed by the legendary “BigDaddyLeoO’Reggio, and featured the late Media Personality, Basil “Bagga” Brown.

Since the release of “Tatie”, Snagga Puss has enjoyed a career with a few hits and memorable dances. He is still active, and has been flexing his entrepreneurial muscle over the years. His distinct sound is still remembered, and “Tatie” is loved by many who were there when it made its debut.

Thank You Snagga Puss For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Alwin Reingoud – “Sweet Dream” (1981)

Happy Sunday! Ready to get into some Old School vibes? Today, we’re gonna give you something different. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we head over to Suriname to check out Alwin Reingoud’sSweet Dream“!

Produced by Ricardo Tjon Akon and released through Tjonna Records in 1981, we get some Disco Funk vibes on “Sweet Dream”. During a time when other parts of the world wanted Disco to die, the Dutch West Indies showed that they could keep the vibe going with music that kept the people rocking. “Sweet Dream” possessed great production, lyrics, and melodies that the listener can’t help but dance to. “Sweet Dream” was described as a “Disco Killer“, and gained popularity thanks to various DJs playing it. As far as we know, “Sweet Dream” is Alwin Reingoud’s first of two releases, and it was included on a collaborative LP featuring Roy Ooft, and a “Boogie and Disco Funk” compilation. It gained some attention recently on TikTok, and has been considered a rare groove. Ready to boogie? Time to press play.

Thank You Alwin Reingoud For This Classic!

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