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OLDIES SUNDAY: Culture – Two Sevens Clash (1977)

Today we celebrate the birthday of a Reggae Icon who has contributed greatly to the culture, and funny enough he was the founder of a band called, Culture. We feature the late Joseph Hill today on Oldies Sunday by highlighting his band’s track called, “Two Sevens Clash“.

Produced by Joe Gibbs and released through Joe Gibbs Music in 1977, the Joseph Hill-led Culture shared an apocalyptic message on “Two Sevens Clash”. Inspired by a vision by Joseph Hill and a prediction by Marcus Garvey, the song spoke of the year 1977 becoming a year of judgment, and the date of July 7, 1977 (7/7/77) becoming a day chaos respectively. The song’s lyrics spoke of the 7s clashing (i.e. the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventy-seventh year), and it would mean that past injustices would be avenged. Joseph Hill’s vision came during a bus ride, with lyrics and melodies following, thus becoming a song in the process. “Two Sevens Clash”, while it was a very influential record upon release, it was paired with Marcus Garvey’s prediction, and caused many individuals in Jamaica to remain indoors and establishments closed, awaiting the fulfillment of the prophecy on July 7, 1977. The single itself was very successful as it gained a following overseas, and became the title track of Culture’s debut album that was released the same year. “Two Sevens Clash” went on to become Culture’s most memorable, successful, and influential song to date.

Since the release of “Two Sevens Clash”, Culture went on to release more music, securing its place as one of Reggae’s greatest bands. The band split in 1981, with Joseph Hill keeping the name, and recruiting new members. The band also had a rift with Joe Gibbs over unpaid royalties for the “Two Sevens Clash” album. The band continued to be active over the years till Hill passed away in 2006, prompting his son Kenyatta to take over as the lead Singer till this day.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Michael Palmer – Dem A Lick Shot (1984)

Happy Oldies Sunday! For today’s selection, we’re gonna give you a rare cut. Many are familiar with the selection, while there are others who will hear it for the first time. Today, we go back in time to check out Michael Palmer’sDem A Lick Shot“!

Produced by G. Nicholson and O. Brown and released through Tasha Records in 1984, this is the original version of Michael Palmer’s successful “Dem A Lick Shot” that was produced by George Phang, and released in the same year through the Power House label on the “Mad Mad Riddim“. On the original, Michael shares his experience of being a victim of robbery in his community, and getting help from the authouritives proved to be futile. It all happened in his hometown, but things have to change. The original version of “Dem A Lick Shot” gained positive feedback from listeners when it was released, but soon made way for the George Phang version as it was featured on Palmer’s album of the same name.

Since the release of “Dem A Lick Shot”, Michael Palmer went on to release more music over the years, but sadly had vocal problems, and diverted into production for some time before taking a 20 year hiatus. He returned in the late 2010s, and stays active through performances and recordings. While many celebrate the George Phang version of “Dem A Lick Shot”, there are still those who appreciate the original.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: @DuttyPaul X @MrVegasMusic – Hot Gal Today (1999)

Ready for some throwbacks? It’s Oldies Sunday! Today’s selection comes from one of Jamaica’s most successful Dancehall Artists, who also celebrates a birthday today. His name is Sean Paul, and we feature the track, “Hot Gal Today“!

Produced by Steely & Clevie on the “Street Sweeper Riddim“, featuring Dancehall Artist Mr. Vegas, and released through Studio 2000 in 1999, “Hot Gal Today” finds Sean Paul and Vegas battling over who will be the lucky man to win a Woman’s heart. Throughout the track they taunt one another, proclaiming that they’re the better candidate in the process. Like two Politicians fighting for a seat on Election Day, they go at it, and listeners are entertained by the back and forth. “Hot Gal Today” was a hit for Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas, boosting their profiles as Sean scored a few hits before, and Vegas was breaking out of his “upcoming Artist” status with previous releases. “Hot Gal Today” was featured on Sean Paul’s debut album, “Stage One“, which was released in 2000.

Since the release of “Hot Gal Today”, Sean Paul went on to have a career that successfully crossed over into the International market, securing a GRAMMY win, multiplatinum status, and a Pop status that keeps his name in the top tiers to this day. Regardless of his status, “Hot Gal Today” is still loved by many worldwide.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Apache Scratchy – New Year New Law (1991)

Happy New Year! We’re officially in the year 2023. May it be one of your best years yet. We’re kicking it off with Oldies Sunday! Today’s selection comes from Apache Scratchy with the track, “New Year New Law“.

Produced by Oret Smith and released through Godfather Records in 1991, Apache Scratchy had a lot to share on “New Year New Law”. With positive vibes to share all around, Apache wanted things to be better for everyone. With the economy making it harder for people to live everyday, he called out the Government to make things right. With a strong faith, he encouraged everyone to seek Jah and live better lives, and that’s law. Apache Scratchy had a strong stance on “New Year New Law”, and it went down as one of his singles that did well, and good selection to start off the new year. Apache was considered one of the top lyricists and 80s and early 90s Dancehall, and  he held his own with whatever was thrown his way.

Since the release of “New Year New Law”, Apache Scratchy went on to release more music including singles, and albums including “Father & Son“, which was released through Super Cat’s Wild Apache label. Now living overseas, he still makes appearances, performing at various events around the world. Make 2023 your year!

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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Johnny Osbourne – Christmas Stylee (1980)

It’s Christmas Day all over the world, and whatever the reason, may you find love, joy, and rest during the season. While some may have done away with the gifts and matching PJs, it’s time for a lil music. While you sip on the Sorrel, tune into Oldies Sunday to hear Johnny Osbourne’s “Christmas Stylee“!

Produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd and released through Studio One in 1980, Johnny Osbourne gives us a special selection that gets listeners excited for the Christmas season. Paired with great production and performed with The Family Group, Osbourne shares the news of the birth of King Jesus, and gets us all into the groove. You couldn’t help but dance and singalong to this track, and it became an instant favourite for many. “Christmas Stylee” was featured on the “Sir Coxsone’s Family Album: Christmas Stylee” Compilation Album and “Reggae Christmas From Studio One“, and are just some of the many Jamaican Christmas compilations that have been released over the years.

We hope you have a great Christmas. While feelings and moods may vary throughout, we hope you have at least one smiling moment. Bless up!

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Red Plastic Bag "Maizie" on #Barbados #RedPlasticBag #RPB #Christmas #Maizie #SantaClaus #Music #Calypso #Soca #Music #Christmas2022 #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Red Plastic Bag – Maizie

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas Day, and we hope you aren’t under immense pressure to get presents for everyone. It’s also another Oldies Sunday, and we have another selection that plays in the theme of the season. We take a trip to Barbados to check out Red Plastic Bag’sMaizie“!

Produced by Mc Donald Fingall and released through the Pond Side label, Red Plastic Bag had to deliver something special for the holiday season. The song is a take on a classic Christmas song, but with Red’s signature twist as he speaks on the character “Maizie” who has been caught kissing Santa Claus. The story gets interesting as Maizie is being approached with questions about the man she’s kissing to see if it’s really Santa, or her secret lover. The drama-filled song became a popular since its release, and remains a favourite among Bajans, and listeners from around the world during Christmas time. Red Plastic Bag is a multi-year Soca Monarch King, and is one of the Icons of Calypso/Soca in the Caribbean.

Next Sunday is Christmas Day, save us a seat at the table.

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