OLDIES SUNDAY: DYCR – Misunderstanding (2004)

They can ban the music everywhere else, but on this Blog, we provide a platform. Today is Oldies Sunday! Today’s selection will make you think, will have you in awe, and will make you laugh. Today, we go back in time to check out Dub Poet DYCR’sMisunderstanding“.

Produced by Black & White for DownSound Records and released in 2004 on the “Invasion Riddim“, DYCR shows us that misunderstanding can be dangerous when the wrong person’s involved. Released during the tenure of US President George W. Bush at the White House, DYCR goes into a story of a Farmer named Joe who lived a simple life. Never bothered to modernize himself, he was far removed from all the technological advances that we have all been accustomed to, even avoided reading the news. Despite all of that, he was able to sustain himself in the countryside, only coming to the town for supplies. One day, Joe got word that his family wanted to file papers in order for him to travel and live in the United States, which turned into something exciting for Joe. The happy moment soon turned into a serious, and a rather hilarious one that you have to tune in to learn about.

DYCR’s clever lyricism and straight-forward delivery made “Misunderstanding” one of his best pieces of work. “Misunderstanding” showed listeners that clarity is very important in conversation, and ignorance can make things go very left. “Misunderstanding” was a part of a run of singles from DYCR that found him traveling near and far performing his works, solidifying his space as one of the top acts in Jamaica during the early 2000s.

Since the release of “Misunderstanding”, DYCR went on to release more singles, and two albums. He is still active, spreading his work through Social Media, and performing wherever he is summoned. “Misunderstanding” remains one of DYCR’s most memorable releases.

Thank You DYCR For This Classic!

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