NEW VIDEO: @TwinofTwinsTV – Up Wid Di Money


Today’s new video features a bit of comedy, star power, and a message from the Twin of Twins. Titled “Up Wid Di Money” and directed by Madvert Multimedia, Paul and Patrick Gaynor take on their roles from the “Stir It Up” series and go on a robbery rage. Robbing everyone from I Octane, Mr. Lexx to Macka Diamond, their aim to take care of themselves and leave a “fingerprint” in the streets. Ninja Man also makes a cameo appearance, and be sure to read the message at the end of the video. Great mini movie, the twins really did a great job here and they deserve an applause. It would be nice to see the “Stir It Up” series as a video series. Watch it all take place below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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