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.@Kris_Karz Gets Left On ‘Read’ On New Single, “Text Me.”

Remember “Free Nights“? For my Caribbean readers, the free SMS texts and minutes services offered by local Mobile Carriers were some of the best times when we first owned Cellphones. While those days have been replaced by Apps like Whatsapp, iMessage, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc., we still go through some of the issues when communicating with someone. Anyway, we have new music from Producer/Recording Artist Kris-Karz, and it’s called, “Text Me.“.

On the track, Kris-Karz finds himself in a situation with a young lady where the communication has been going left a few times. While he shares a lot with her, she’s on the other line posting on Social Media, falling asleep to Grey’s Anatomy, and finding excuses to not get back to him. If he’s ugly just say that. These type of scenarios happen all the time, but it’s recommended that Communication improves on both sides, or just call it a day. Kris always finds himself in these games, and he’ll share a lot more when he finally releases his debut project sometime this year (*crosses fingers*).

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