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.@Kris_Karz Wants To Give Her “Anything She Wanna” On New Single!

Kris-Karz returns with new music! While he dealt with one sided conversations on the last single, things seem to be picking up for him on the new single. The Producer/Recording Artist is about to go all out on the new track, “Anything She Wanna“.

Kris-Karz flexes a lil on “Anything She Wanna” as he lets her know that anything her heart desires, he will find a way to take care of it. He lets her know that he’s really admiring her, and he will do any and everything to let her know that she’s right for him. Backed by smooth production, Kris delivers a song that promises to catch the right attention, and possibly be a Playlist favourite. We’re still anticipating a new project from Kris-Karz, and we hope to get it later this year.

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.@Kris_Karz Gets Left On ‘Read’ On New Single, “Text Me.”

Remember “Free Nights“? For my Caribbean readers, the free SMS texts and minutes services offered by local Mobile Carriers were some of the best times when we first owned Cellphones. While those days have been replaced by Apps like Whatsapp, iMessage, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc., we still go through some of the issues when communicating with someone. Anyway, we have new music from Producer/Recording Artist Kris-Karz, and it’s called, “Text Me.“.

On the track, Kris-Karz finds himself in a situation with a young lady where the communication has been going left a few times. While he shares a lot with her, she’s on the other line posting on Social Media, falling asleep to Grey’s Anatomy, and finding excuses to not get back to him. If he’s ugly just say that. These type of scenarios happen all the time, but it’s recommended that Communication improves on both sides, or just call it a day. Kris always finds himself in these games, and he’ll share a lot more when he finally releases his debut project sometime this year (*crosses fingers*).

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.@Kris_Karz Continues His Run With New Single, “Weirdity”!

In every Creative’s life, there comes a time where you get things done right, and there are times when it all comes crashing down. Regardless of the outcome, you still have to keep it pushing. When Producer Kris-Karz made the transition into a Recording Artist, he knew his journey would not be a smooth one, but he was still determined to move forward. He shares a lil on it on his new single, “Weirdity“.

“Weirdity” came at a time when Kris-Karz was considering quitting music altogether. There can be times where the creativity is not flowing, and it feels like it doesn’t make sense pursuing your craft. Kris shares some of his thoughts and experiences on the track, and it serves as the track that pushed him out of the negative space, and into the greatness that he thought was no longer existent. Let this be a testament that good things really do happen. Kris’ production on “Weirdity” is one of his best, and his distorted approach is going to hit you in a good way. We believe “Weirdity” will be making its way to plenty speakers around the world, and connecting with many other Creatives. Don’t let the obstacles gets you down, hold the faith and keep on pushing! Expect a lot more Kris-Karz content this year.

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Kris Karz - Reciprocation on #Jamaica #Miami #Florida #Music

.@Kris_Karz Starts The Year Off With “Reciprocation”

Kicking off the new year with music is Producer/Recording Artist Kris-Karz! While he made a return to music releases late last year, he’s ready to take his career to the next level. With a project seeing a possible release later this year, Kris is setting up for a great rollout. Still relatively new to the scene as a Recording Artist, he is leaving great impressions with every song. We hope it doesn’t change with the release of the track, “Reciprocation“.

Turning up the tempo on this one, Kris-Karz gives us some slick lyrics paired with some jammin’ production that Musicians Keshawn Allen and Coombs assisted with (inspired by late Rapper Mac Miller’sSelf Care” album and made at Producer J.L.L.’s house) that is sure to make him stand out this year. Kris isn’t your average Producer, so you’re not gonna expect nothing less as an Artist. With lyrics that find him going through the adventures of love and relationships (with some back seat action going on), listeners will relate to this one, and definitely show it a lot of love. We look forward to the visual for this one. If you’re not familiar with Kris-Karz yet, check out his content here.

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Kris Karz - "ENERGY" Music Video for

.@Kris_Karz Brings “ENERGY” To Your Screen With New Visual

Earlier this year, Producer/Recording Artist Kris Karz released the groovy single, “ENERGY” with Singer Timothy David. Featuring smooth vocals and witty lyrics paired with a dope production, it was Kris’ 3rd single that was leading up to a project that had a possible Summer 2021 release. With life being life and Covid’s still running the show, those plans were postponed. Now with a renewed focus, Kris Karz is back to give the world for content. Today, we get the visual for “ENERGY“!

Directed by Dylan Golden, Kris Karz brings his A-game to your screen! Throughout the “ENERGY” video we can see him making some smooth moves on a beautiful Afro lady (played by Dyna Edyne), giving us some 70s Soul vibes. When he’s not getting into some player vibes, he takes it to the stage by performing with his band that consists of Kris Karz on keys, and Kris Karz on Guitar. Timothy David shows up throughout the video as well to deliver the hook. Kris Karz continues to give us dope visuals to go with his singles, and we know he has a lot more in store. If you haven’t been getting familiar with him, you need to change that now!

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.@Kris_Karz Gets In The Zone On Timothy David Featured, “ENERGY”

Kris Karz continues to put out quality content as he gears up for a full length project for 2021. With music and visuals reaching the people near and far, Kris has been putting in a lot of work, and we know he’ll reap greatly in due time. Having released the singles “HEARTBREAK” and “LOVE“, he follows up with “ENERGY“!

Featuring vocalist Timothy David on the hook and released through Kris Karz’s Kngly Studios, Karz continues his pursuit of finding someone to call his own. With a funky production supporting Kris’ smooth lyrics, we’re definitely feeling it, and we expect it to catch people off guard very soon. With a catchy vibe and production you can’t but move to, this is just another taste of what’s to come on Kris Karz’s upcoming project. A visual is on the way for “ENERGY“, so stay tuned!

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