NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – Birthday Cake Remix…and the stans go wild!

This video just presented itself on my radar and as the title says, “The stans go wild!“. Recently the world got to hear Rihanna’sBirthday Cake Remix” with Chris Brown, and it got many mixed reviews. MooreMayhem made this video to drop in her 2 cents and trust me not only is it enjoyable, but it’s sure to make you think. I won’t take up much more of this column, check the video by and ENJOY!!

You can Check out MooreMayhem on Youtube, her Blog and her Tumblr.


4 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – Birthday Cake Remix…and the stans go wild!

  1. Hahaha, I LOVE your video!!!
    A lang mi a seh di same thing. I personally think the whole beating thing was blown out of portion. And if you’ve ever interacted with US law enforcement you’d know why. Particularly when it comes to alleged DV they have to make things look worse than it is / was appease NOW (national org. for women) and the crazy feminists who think all men are rapists and woman beaters that they’re taking a hard stance on DV. Now don’t get me wrong at all I do not condone slackness, and whatever happen whether Chris Brown did beat her up as bad as they said he did or whether it was blown out of proportion … Rihanna got hit somehow and that shouldn’t have happened. In fact Chris Brown got hit as well and that shouldn’t have happened neither.

    They were both young and too rich. It’s never a good combination. He has apologised and he’s paid his dues. Like you said and what I’m so in agreement with is that ain’t none of us was there that night the incident happen. We don’t live in Rihanna’s or Chris Brown’s house to know what’s going on between them or what’s not going on between them. Rihanna is an adult woman who is more than capable of making her own decisions. If she want take back Chris Brown it’s her business. I don’t particularly care for her as a person, but she shouldn’t have to live her life according to other people’s expectations. Only Jah, Rihanna and CB really know what has happened and what’s happened.

    Brown may be a little cocky and immature, but I think he’s learned his lesson. He’s not about to jeopardize his career like that again by putting his hand on another woman. And most of all I don’t think he should be punished for that one mistake for the rest of his life.We should all move on and let this shit go. It really annoys me when I hear people getting all righteous about how he shouldn’t be made to perform and that he shouldn’t do this or shouldn’t do that. Leave him / them alone and let them do their thing! If Chris Brown gets out of hand again I’m sure the LAPD will be at the ready to toss his ass in jail for good. In the meantime if ‘im and Rihanna waan do dem tings, loow dem, mi seh!

    Anyway, really enjoyed the video!

    1. I feel you dear, as you said it’s between them and Jah. Chris Brown suffered hard because of his actions, it’s time they give him a break and Rih hasn’t been the same either….If she wants to forgive and make something happen again then cool…The fans, i mean the STANS NEED to chill out though…Thanks for checking out the blog love and remember to hit up @MooreMayhem

      – @SwadeDaVillain

      1. I didn’t realize that it was a third party video until I posted my comment. So caught up was I in Carla’s labrish! lol Anyway, I’ve already added her to my list of favs on my own blog. The girl is jokes! Thanks for sharing it with us. And thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s really new so its always nice when people come by.

  2. DWL she is something else! That was a good one though … so true thought but that’s the life of a celebrity … every move is scrutinized and blown terribly out of proportion. …. Were some critics in that same position … they’d do the same thing! Go figure. Best wishes to them ….*runs off to listen to Birthday Cake…..* As always I’m behind with everything!

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