OLDIES SUNDAY: Courtney John – I Go Crazy (2000)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Reggae artist formerly known as “Yogie“, Courtney John. Titled “I Go Crazy“, this was a Reggae remake of the 1977 Paul Davis song of the same name. “I Go Crazy” was featured on John’s debut album “Miracles” which was released in 2000. The song spoke about John meeting an old lover who he thought he has fully gotten over, only to end up recapturing feelings for her again. Produced by the artist himself, this delivered a beautiful production and recruited great back up singers. Although his first attempt in the entertainment industry started in 1993, “I Go Crazy” was Courtney John’s breakout single with a great music video to match.

I Go Crazy” became one of Courtney John’s memorable singles and contributed to an album that was critically acclaimed and delivered other top ten singles including “That Was Then“, “Brighter Days” and “Here Again“. Since his hit, Courtney John went on to release more albums and singles including the latest “The Courtney John Project“, a collaboration with Natassja Hammond and Steven Marsden which introduced a fusion of Roots Reggae and EDM called “Rootstronic“. As a producer, Courtney gained more popularity for collaborating with Canadian Singer Nelly Furtado through remixing her singles “Turn Off The Lights” and “Say It Right“. While Courtney John has spread his talents worldwide, many still remember his breakout single.

Thank You Courtney John for this timeless song!






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