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OLDIES SUNDAY: Culture – Two Sevens Clash (1977)

Today we celebrate the birthday of a Reggae Icon who has contributed greatly to the culture, and funny enough he was the founder of a band called, Culture. We feature the late Joseph Hill today on Oldies Sunday by highlighting his band’s track called, “Two Sevens Clash“.

Produced by Joe Gibbs and released through Joe Gibbs Music in 1977, the Joseph Hill-led Culture shared an apocalyptic message on “Two Sevens Clash”. Inspired by a vision by Joseph Hill and a prediction by Marcus Garvey, the song spoke of the year 1977 becoming a year of judgment, and the date of July 7, 1977 (7/7/77) becoming a day chaos respectively. The song’s lyrics spoke of the 7s clashing (i.e. the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventy-seventh year), and it would mean that past injustices would be avenged. Joseph Hill’s vision came during a bus ride, with lyrics and melodies following, thus becoming a song in the process. “Two Sevens Clash”, while it was a very influential record upon release, it was paired with Marcus Garvey’s prediction, and caused many individuals in Jamaica to remain indoors and establishments closed, awaiting the fulfillment of the prophecy on July 7, 1977. The single itself was very successful as it gained a following overseas, and became the title track of Culture’s debut album that was released the same year. “Two Sevens Clash” went on to become Culture’s most memorable, successful, and influential song to date.

Since the release of “Two Sevens Clash”, Culture went on to release more music, securing its place as one of Reggae’s greatest bands. The band split in 1981, with Joseph Hill keeping the name, and recruiting new members. The band also had a rift with Joe Gibbs over unpaid royalties for the “Two Sevens Clash” album. The band continued to be active over the years till Hill passed away in 2006, prompting his son Kenyatta to take over as the lead Singer till this day.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Lone Ranger – Natty Dread On The Go (1977)

How are we doing today? While a lot has been happening in the past few days, the music continues to flow. Oldies Sunday, will always show up when needed as well. Today’s selection comes from Recording Artist Lone Ranger with the track, “Natty Dread On The Go“!

Produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd and released through the Studio One label in 1977, Lone Ranger steps out with some melodic deejaying on “Natty Dread On The Go”, and displayed a musical style that started to grow in those times. With his “A1 sound“, Ranger kicks off clever lyrics that were sure to entertain the listener. “Natty Dread On The Go” was featured on his debut album, “On the Other Side Of Dub“, which was released in 1977. The track gained new life recently when it was featured in season 4 of the popular Netflix Sci-Fi series, “Stranger Things“.

Since the release of “Natty Dread On The Go”, Lone Ranger went on to release more music, lived between the US, UK, and Jamaica, and made a return to his Sound System roots. His “Natty Dread On The Go” single looks to connect with a new generation of music lovers, and open up the doors for more to discover his music.

Thank You Lone Ranger For This Classic!

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Yabby You a.k.a. Vivian Jackson - Deliver Me From My Enemies (1977) on

OLDIES SUNDAY: Yabby You – Deliver Me From My Enemies (1977)

In today’s world, many are unsure of who really has their backs. Regardless, we have to trust in a higher power. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from the great Yabby You with the track, “Deliver Me From My Enemies“.

With Yabby You handling the production and released through Grove Music in 1977, “Deliver Me From My Enemies” is Yabby’s way of asking God for protection from those who wish to endanger him. He utilizes Psalm 143:8-10 throughout the song through a chant like delivery, and the sounds that accompany makes it for a very spiritual listen. The track was featured on his album of the same name in 1977. Born Vivian Jackson, he had a rough upbringing due to poverty, and after experiencing severe Arthritis at age 17, he became partially crippled. He found himself hustling in the streets for quite some time before finding success with the single, “Conquering Lion”. From there, he became known in various circles, and recorded and produced for many upcoming and established Artists. He passed away in 2010 from a Brain Aneurysm.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Judy Mowatt – Black Woman (1977)

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we take the time out to feature Women who have made great contributions to our music culture. While we celebrate the Women all year over here, we recognize some through our Oldies Sunday section. Today we close off the month, and our selection comes from a Woman who has made great strides, the legendary Judy Mowatt with “Black Woman“!

Produced by Judy Mowatt and Geoffrey Chung and released through Ashandan Records in 1977, this is one of Mowatt’s most important songs as she promotes, loves, and pays tribute to the Black Woman, and her pride and immense strength. The Black Woman has experienced and endured so much, and Judy’s song has gone on to be more than a tribute, but a song that has lived through generations, and inspired many. “Black Woman” is featured on Mowatt’s 1979 album of the same name, which is another important feat for her as she was recognized as the first Jamaican female recording artist who took on the role of producing the album in its entirety. Since the release of “Black Woman”, Judy Mowatt has gone on to become a legendary artist with various releases, and also became the first female artist to be nominated for a Reggae Grammy in 1985. As we close off the month, may we continue to celebrate the Women, and most importantly, protect them.

Thank You Judy Mowatt!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Brown Sugar – Black Pride (1977)

February is recognized as “Black History Month“. While we recognize the Black man’s rise everyday, we continue to recognize some great Black people in music on Oldies Sunday. Today, we go back in time to check out UK group Brown Sugar with their classic single, “Black Pride“.

Produced by Brownie “T” for Dennis Harris Productions and released through the “Lover’s Rock” label in 1977, the song found members Caron Wheeler, Pauline Catlin, and Carol Simms celebrating Blackness during a time where racism and prejudice were still heavy problems in society. Being proud of the skin you’re in is what Brown Sugar emphasized throughout the Lover’s Rock single, but the message still falls on the deaf ears of many today. “Black Pride” become a successful single for Brown Sugar, and is still played to this day. Though the group broke up and reunited a few times over the years, former member Carol found success with a cover of the single when she embarked on a solo career under the name Kofi years later. Say it loud, “I’m Black and i’m Proud“.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Janet Kay – Silly Games (1977)

Today (January 17), we celebrate the birthday of UK Lover’s Rock legend, Janet Kay on Oldies Sunday! Today we look back at her hit single, “Silly Games“.

Produced by Dennis Bovell and released through Arawak Records in 1977, Janet Kay sings about a man she has a lot of interest in. While she believes he shares the same feelings for her, but they both fail to approach each other and make something happen. It’s a mix of infatuation, What Ifs, and frustration, and Janet doesn’t want to keep playing this game of hide and seek when they’re around each other. The single was released in Europe and peaked at #2 on the UK Singles Chart. It later became one of the tracks that became an anthem during the rise of the UK Lover’s Rock movement in the 1970s, put Janet in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the first British Black Female to score a UK Reggae hit, and the single was the first Lover’s Rock track to appear on the BBC flagship music series, “Top Of The Pops“. It’s forever a classic with Janet’s high notes displayed throughout, and was inspired by the Queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald’s Memorex Commercial. The single was featured in the Film, “Lovers Rock“, a part of the Steve McQueenSmall Axe” Film series.

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