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I make rebellious raw music that real people can feel. – @YoungIgnorance
Expression comes in various forms. For us, #PayAttention seeks to bring to the forefront what many fail to see on a day-to-day basis. No! I am not saying that you should be tuned in 24/7/365. But when we sound that gong & set charges to that stage, you’re going to seriously wish that you hadn’t waited to get involved. Enough programming, I’m looking forward to seeing you at Eutopia on March 28th.
Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Back)
Scotty + The Dreamkillers has much to say.

I been following you around on Soundcloud for many moons, it’s great to finally get a chance to see you make a display on the #PayAttention stage. Are you amped?
A: Much respect bro! Trust me I’ve been working so hard and I’m ready to kill the stage so I am definitely amped for March 28!
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Q: I think I set myself up for that. [AMP.IT] What is a ‘Dreamkiller’ and how do I become one?
A: In calling myself ‘Scotty + The Dreamkillers’, i’m pretty much nodding to the fact that i’m a rapper and producer [AND i’m also taking back the power from people who aim at killing my dreams.] Also, I was my own ‘dream-killer’ by doubting my dreams and fearing failure. I’m 24 now, I have no time for those things. In a sense, I stole the gun once pointed at me and now I’m waving it around like I own that sh*t. I have the power now.So you yourself are a Dreamkiller if you own the fear and use it to fuel your dreams.
Bonus: I caught notice: you make reference to something called Kid Dreamer. it reminds me of something the king Saydis would say, is he planning a comeback of sorts?
A: Yeah Kid Dreamer Ent. is the music collective I started with my bro Ojay in 2009 including us, SaydisKid Certified and Anika.
Scotty x OjaySaydis is now making music under the moniker ‘Negus Imara‘ with an undeniable roots approach. That yute is extremely talented; he really is my bro for life. Thing is, even though I am influenced by a plethora of sound ranging from Alternative Rock from the nineties [like Nirvana/The Pixies] to UK Grime, my base is Hip-Hop just like his. The roots reggae sound sparks a true evolution, it’s just finding that middle ground and we plan on doing something even bigger than ‘Above and Beyond‘. Shout out to Negus Imara!

I live for anything with the tags alternative and chill. The fact that you have a Hip-Hop project that compiles both these things is pretty cool, I must admit. Describe the process behind ‘KiLLA‘ and how does exactly does it fit into what we refer to as the 1st Coast movement?

A: As with most of what I create, KiLLA is extremely autobiographical. That project tells so many stories. Like how I was so focused on music I failed all four courses I was enrolled in during one semester at the University of West Indies [UWI]. This was mentioned on ‘I Don’t Need U‘ [Four F***ing F’s, I Failed in the semester]. Some of this resulted in me developing a hell of lung for smoking just to chill out from all the pressure [as told by ‘Your Highness‘] and I eventually just wanted to live up to the potential my late Aunt Jean saw in me [‘Run the World‘].

KiLLA‘ represented a very dark time in my life. I wanted to do music badly while being held down not only by school but also my job at the time. So there were these self-composed tracks ready for release like ‘Fall‘ [inluv] and ‘Supposed to be‘ in 2012 when I was experimenting with different sounds. I was so frustrated trying to fit into a Hip Hop mold when I had a passion for all different kinds of sound…then, it hit me!Hip-Hop is the King of all genres because it fuses so many different things together. Too many classic Hip-Hop tracks sample some very left-field songs eg. Nas sampling ‘Shape of my Heart’ by Sting for the track: ‘The Message’ [from ‘It was Written’]. I personally want to make songs like those. Scotty + The Dreamkillers represent a craving for a different lane while fighting for the same recognition as peers. This is how I break down & relate the 1st Coast movement for the younger generation.

What’s next for Scotty?

A: Well, you guys have the exclusive. Very soon, I’ll be dropping the next project: ‘Young Ignorance’. I can’t stop smiling right now. Whereas ‘KiLLA‘ was made during a desperately dark time, this was made during my literal darkest so it’s naturally more intense; plus, I finally graduated. [I completely flaked on the ceremony… I’m not even remotely interested in my degree… education is awesome but broad-brushing it for everyone is not]
I’ve been reminiscing greatly on my childhood and that’s the stage where most of the music comes from. Right now, I just want to make the music you listen to while you chase your dreams. I’m representing for the underdogs in this, the Jamaican Hip-Hop story.

Do you see #PayAttention as the right avenue to showcase your art and if there was no such thing as #PayAttention, what stage would you use to push yourself on?

A: Most definitely, I believe #PayAttention is the best place to show off my craft
[as the flyer designer, not only am I revealing my sound but also my visual artistry].
If not #PayAttention I think I would link with other creatives like myself and spark a showcase in the same vein. It’s sad how talented we are and how limited the stages are locally. Internationally, it would be a totally different story. #PayAttention is crucial to Hip-Hop in Jamaica as it is tangible evidence that there is a movement present: the 1st Coast movement and let me just address it… These aren’t simply basic artistes; we have creative ideas and are quite capable of heavily impacting the world.

Look out for ‘Young Ignorance’!

Scotty + The Dreamkillers Contact:

IG [@kiddreamerent]

Twitter [@youngignorance]



E-mail kiddreamerent@gmail.com for booking/dubs

Get your tickets early. DM @payattentionja on IG or Twitter for more info.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Front)





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