PRESS RELEASE: @RasXtr3me Celebrates Rastafarians In New Single

Ras Xtr3me is celebrating his belief in the Rastafarian culture with his new single ‘Shaat Locks’ produced by Audiotraxx Productions on the ‘Shaat Lox Riddim’. The single speaks about the authentic levity of Rastafari and speaks to youths who have an interest in the movement. Ras Xtr3me sang, “Shaat Locks no tats no glass chain no Gold watch, Xtr3me roll the Rasta way, Natural bead head wrap” which is a clear indication that Ras Xtr3me is not here for the ‘fake Rastas’.

With strong beliefs, Ras Xtr3me said “I am a cultural Reggae artiste who believes all musicians should travel on a path of truth and righteousness. Our music should be a reflection of positivity and strength”. Reigning from Old Harbour, St Catherine, Ras Xtr3me grew up with the influence of music from veterans such as Flick Wilson, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Third World Band, Nina Simone, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaac, Garnet Silk, and Buju Banton. When asked about his proudest moment he shared “Mutabaruka is one of the radio personalities I admire and to hear him play my single, it was truly appreciated. I hope to influence a positive change through embracing roots and culture among our youths and he basically created the medium for me to do so”.

Ras Xtr3me is set to perform on several stages in Jamaica and is eager to start his promotional trail for the new single. The single can be found on Soundcloud.

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