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PRESS RELEASE: Kratos Promotes Dance Competition

With the song “Tip A Di Rifle” doing extremely well, Dancehall artiste Kratos has decided to step up the promotion with a female dance competition. The objective of the competition according to Kratos is to connect with his growing fan base. “The female population has been representing Kratos and I am doing this mainly to connect to my audience.” The deadline for submission is Saturday April 2, 2016 and all contestants have to do is to submit a 1 minute video dancing to the song “Tip A Di Rifle” to .

Contestants are asked to submit their contact information and photo along with the video. All videos will be uploaded to Kratos Black Eagle Facebook page and the video with the most likes will be the winner of the competition. The winner will be getting USD $200 along with a signed T Shirt from the artiste. The winner will be announced on April 18, 2016.

When quizzed about the competition, Kratos had this to say, “My publicist and I sat long and thought about a campaign to work on and we decided to do a dance competition for the ladies. The song is geared towards the female population and they are loving it, so really we are doing this for them.”

The song has been getting tremendous acclaim in the streets and has been steadily rising on the airwaves. Kratos also shot the accompanying video for “Tip A Di Rifle”, which is in the final editing stage, so fans can look forward to a truly exciting video.





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