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PRESS RELEASE: Kapri Pleased With Double Releases

Dancehall Artiste Kapri is on a musical high with the recent release of his two singles “Dark Glass” and “Anything” on the Jah Snow Cone Record label. The two songs continue to grow in popularity, further cementing the Dancehall Artiste as a force to be reckoned with in the musical fraternity.

Kapri has carved out a respectable underground following with the song “Dark Glass”. For the street campaign, he has teamed up with Ghetto Bomb in order to capitalize on this market. So far, the song has been a favourite for places like “Uptown Mondays”, “Boasy Tuesdays”, “Bounty Sundays” and many other popular spots. “Anything” on the other hand, is a song for the ladies and has been enjoying regular rotations on local and International Radio stations. The accompanying video, which was filmed under the direction of Jack Nine Films, was released in early February and is currently enjoying heavy play on local and International TV stations.

The deejay believes that these two songs can propel his career to where he wants it to be and his approach in doing a Radio single and a street single is a strategy to tap into these two markets. “I feel like now is the time more than ever because I have all of the right elements in my camp. I have the right Producer, the right motivators, the right team and Ghetto Bomb in the streets”.

“The reception that we get in the streets so far is a good look. So I’m going to continue to do the work, because there are many more things to come. There are no limits to my music. I am bringing back the nostalgic sound, by incorporating that older era with a modern feel”.

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