PRESS RELEASE: @YakstaCarvanie Drops Anthem For The Workers

“An anthem for those working through the hardships of life” and “Real lyrics!” are just a few words some people have to say about this single entitled “Workers Anthem” created by upcoming Artiste, Yaksta Carvanie.

Hailing from the lush Parish of St. Mary, Yaksta Carvanie is no stranger to the hardships of life. Being one of five children grown in less than ideal conditions and limited finances with a strong and dedicated single mother; he found his solace in writing music. He would often find himself immersed in his thoughts, writing lyrics throughout the night till sunlight to elude his difficulties. Continuing this practice throughout his teen, it’s no wonder that he was able to perfect his skills and put out a single that not only speaks to the everyday man and woman in the “struggle” and are “hustling” to stay afloat, but a single with a powerful, encouraging and effective message. When asked about why he felt the need to pursue this musical journey, he was quoted, “I am music incarnate and I’ve given up on avoiding my destiny”.

It is safe to say that Yaksta Carvanie is out to make an imperishable name for himself. “Workers Anthem” embodies the raw realities of the working man and undoubtedly makes it clear that their hustle matters and a better life is just beyond the hill. With its catchy Dancehall beat and relatable and conscious lyrics, this single off his EP, Stoic Torture – a unique blend of Reggae and Dancehall beats, released on March 10 of this year, produced by Sasaine, under the management of Murdamuzik, is bound to be an anthem that withstands time. It’s not hard to believe that you’ll be putting this single on repeat after you’ve listened to it the first time. Brace yourself for this far from typical Artiste who’s making it clear that he’s here to stay. Look out for Yaksta Carvanie – “Work dem a work dem a work!”






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