Badd Indyan Showcases Lyrical Side On “Destroy 80”

Recording Artiste Badd Indyann exercises his lyrical potency with his new viral video for the single ‘Destroy 80’. The ‘Game Head’ artiste speaks to his love for music and him being the ‘New Era Lyricist’. The song produced by Garrison Inc Production quotes Indyann singing: “Lyrically me savvy with a creative energy; it’s like a bond with di music but it’s more than chemistry; stratospherical connections with d stars and galaxy”.

The single has been receiving a lot of online support and mixed commentary. Badd Indyann said “I did a song called Game Head that has been doing well underground and this opened my eyes to a new fan base but Destroy 80 is a more hardcore Dancehall single”. Badd Indyann added that he is ready to start promoting in the streets of Jamaica where he is made aware his music is being supported.

Another most recent successful single for Badd Indyann is entitled ‘Game Head’ on the ‘Press Gas Riddim’ produced by Eldoh Rado Production based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. With over 200,000 views the video for the single was shot by OCM Productions which features the Artiste in bed with a female model playing video games and getting intimate. Badd Indyann is now back on the promotional trail to promote ‘Destroy 80’ and soon after his follow-up single ‘World Travel’ produced by Ehvenz Production. He said “Based on the success of ‘Game Head’, I am eager to get back to work to make Destroy 80 a success”. Badd Indyann’s fans can follow his progress on Twitter @BaddIndyan and Instagram @Badd_Indyann and Facebook at Badd Indyann Music.





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