10 Jamaican Moments On @BodegaBoys With @DesusNice x @TheKidMero!

Bodega Boys” is a Podcast series created by Social Media/Internet/TV Personalities Desus Nice and The Kid Mero and features a dose of their irreverent yet hilarious takes on Pop Culture. Sponsored by Red Bull and recorded at the Red Bull Studios in New York, this is another avenue that gave the hosts a huge following since their previous Podcast (Desus Vs Mero), and their TV stints (Uncommon Sense, Joking Off, Guy Code). What makes their content even more interesting is the fact that the Bronx based Desus and Mero were born to Immigrant Parents (Jamaican and the Dominican Republic respectively) and they share experiences dealing with them and the different cultures. Below are 10 Jamaican moments featured on their “Bodega BoysPodcast.

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Ep. 16: “Jamaica is the shining star of the Caribbean”

When co-host The Kid Mero asked Desus Nice if Jamaica was considered a 3rd World country, Desus quickly fired back saying it wasn’t, but created the film, “Third World Cop“. He further elaborated to say Jamaica invented everything including Reggae/Dancehall Music and Bob Marley, then went overboard with saying they invented Marijuana, Shipping Barrels, white Jeans, and Mesh Merinos. He also added that they utilized Tanks to store drinking water, claimed to be the home of the most beautiful women in the world and never took a loss when it came to fighting on the train.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 7: “Irie!”

Desus and Mero discussed Wrestling and what roles they’d play if they were hired as Tag Team Wrestlers. While Mero spoke on representing the Dominican Republic, Desus spoke on being a Wrestler representing Jamaica named “Kid Montego Bay” with attire consisting of a Mesh Merino, and plays on a bad Jamaican stereotype kind of like a character from “Cool Runnings” (or any “Jamaican” character in movies) where he smokes a spliff, using “Irie“, “We Jammin‘”, and “Big up” as catchphrases.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 6: “Yuh have a big face…”

Desus made reference to an NY Times article about the rising popularity of Jamaican food. The article detailed where to get it from and name dropped “Miss Lilly’s“, a popular Jamaican Dining spot in New York. Desus went on to advise listeners that the best Jamaican dining spots are located in Flat Bush, White Plains Rd, Boston Rd, and 2nd Ave in Mt. Vernon in New York. The downside to those locations are bad service, and they are usually in “dangerous” areas but serve great food nonetheless. He also presented scenarios where if a Vegan asks for “Gluten Free” meals, they will be attacked, or be given a stare down. He then spoke on an Aunt who runs a Restaurant and paints a picture of how the meeting will occur including being insulted by her at first glance. Then supported Desus’ statements by saying if you are served food in under 30 minutes, then it won’t be enjoyable, and most times when you order a meal, it will already by sold out even after confirming the order.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 6: “Log on, and step pon chi chi man…”

While speaking on Music that had problematic lyrics, The Kid Mero and Desus spoke on Dancehall Artist Elephant Man’sLog On” hit as it had those type of lyrics, despite being a catchy song with a dance of the same name. Mero went on to say that though he shares his playlist on Social Media, he hopes posting that song would not result in any backlash from the Gay community as they have been at odds with Dancehall Artists over the years for their lyrics towards them. Buju Banton’sBoom Bye Bye” and Capleton’sBombo Red” were also mentioned.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 4: “The Bodega Boys Barrel Shipping Company”

After coming from a break, the Bodega Boys presented a skit in the form of an Infomercial and played the role of a Barrel Shipping Company to the Caribbean. Barrel shipping has been a common practice for many Caribbean Immigrants when sending items in bulk for their families. They went on to list their services and name dropped items such as Carolina Rice, Cooking Oil, last season and name brand clothes as they have been popular picks when packing a barrel. They also mentioned Jamaican Immigrant and retired NBA Allstar Patrick Ewing. After that, Desus and Mero went on to explain the practice of Barrel shipping and their experiences.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 19: “You can’t call your mother a liar…”

While Desus and Mero discussed treating injuries, Desus made mention of his mother who told him that when she was a child, she accidentally dismembered her toe with a machete and her grandmother reattached it with the assistance of a banana’s skin. There has been stories from older folk who have suffered different forms of injuries and relied on nature to bring forth a remedy…even if the injury included losing a body part.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 19: “I am a Yam, I am the Breadfruit that has passed forth from my Parents’ loins…”

While they discussed what they’d do if they were Judges, Mero suggested that Desus applies for the role as one in Jamaica as he would be able to wear a wig along with a robe. Desus then interjects by saying Jamaica needs to let go of Britain’s influence on the Island and create their own Identity. He then closed his argument by stating he’s a Yam and a Breadfruit from his parents’ loins, and he will lead the next revolution in Jamaica.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 18: “Yuh Purim Bring life…”

Desus spoke about “Wife vs Matie“. He went into detail about their roles, and the duties the man has to do in order to maintain these women/make them comfortable. Desus also joked that when he his career makes him well off, he will return to Jamaica to start the first Jamaican Porn company which will be sponsored by Wray & Nephew Rum, and will be shot at the Appleton Estate. The title of this episode was a play on the title of Dancehall Artist Kalado’sPum Pum Bring Life” single.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 17: “Jamaican Men Don’t Cheat…”

While the Bodega Boys spoke on the issue of Infidelity, Desus made the statement that Jamaican men do not cheat, a statement that has been making its rounds recently on Social Media. He also mentioned that Jamaican men work hard, never looked at other women, and always come home to their wives.

Bodega Boys, Desus Nice, TheKidMero, Jamaica, 13thStreetPromotions, Comedy

Ep. 20: “I’m drinking Rum & Red Bull…”

Mero started talking about life after 30 years where he’d be on the beach drinking Piña Coladas and Desus interjected by suggesting Red Bull as they are the Sponsor of the Podcast. The duo then broke out singing a terrible rendition of Beenie Man and Future Fambo’sRum & Red Bull” hit and discussed that Jamaican Artists always have an unofficial song for a product they like including Vybz Kartel’sClarks” single.

You can catch the Bodega Boys Podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud!





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