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Mad Capo Becomes A Robbery Victim In New @KyngTavii Skit!

Be careful in the streets, especially with your valuables as Thieves won’t think twice about owning it in not a pleasant way. For Comedian Mad Capo, he had to learn the hard way in Kyng Tavii’s latest skit!

In the video, Mad Capo is seen chatting away on the phone in the park. While he’s having a good time spending off Flow or Digicel credit, Kyng Tavii shows up armed and ready to relieve Capo of his belongings. The robbery was not fruitful however as Capo didn’t have anything of value on him. Distraught by that, Tavii used the opportunity to change Capo’s life. Seeing what will happen next is possible by you checking out the video below. Kyng Tavii continues to knock out great content, stay tuned for more!

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Kyng Tavii "2 Beggy Beggy" on #Jamaica #Comedy #JamaicanComedy #Comedian #13thStreetPromotions #KyngTavii #Begging #Caribbean

.@KyngTavii Deals With a Greedy Friend In “2 Beggy Beggy”!

Ever had a friend or knew someone who just wanted everything that you had? In the terms of food, they always wanted some of what you have, but never have any to share with you in return. We’ve all been there at some point. Kyng Tavii had to deal with one in his new video, “2 Beggy Beggy“.

The video finds Kyng Tavii waiting in the park with a friend when hunger took him on suddenly. Not wanting to leave the park and his friend behind for some proper food, he sought for a snack from his bag. His friend, who was also hungry, decided to ask him for share his snack. After a few rejctions, Tavii finally shared, and had to regret it soon after as his friend proceeded to consume all of it. Obviously unhappy about it, Tavii decided to do something that will make his friend never ask him for anything again. Keep watching below to see what happened.

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Kyng Tavii "Mi Find Gold" Skit on #Jamaica #Comedy #KyngTavii #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean #Gold #Hanover

.@KyngTavii Hunts For Gold In New Video!

The topic of Gold being found in Jamaica popped up earlier this month, and like a certain type of Gold, the public  is being made into a fool due to false reporting. While many found themselves digging up disappointments, Comedian Kyng Tavii may have been given a stroke of luck as he struck the precious metal in the new video called, “Mi Find Gold“.

Accompanied by a fellow digger, Kyng Tavii found himself deep in the land on the hunt for Gold. After much digging, he came across a piece, but had to test it to ensure its authenticity. Thanks to the help of his friend, the discovery was the real deal, and some money is in the digger’s future. How would this scenario end? You’d have to watch to the end. Kyng Tavii has been on a comeback trail over the past few months, and thanks to the release of new music and skits and repairing the friendship between him and Prince Pine, Tavii is in rare form. He has struck his own kind of Gold here that will appreciate in value over time.

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Sizzla Kalonji on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Sizzla #SizzlaKalonji #Wrath #BlackOutRiddim #2004 #TikTok #Caribbean #Dancehall #Reggae #Kalonji

Sizzla’s “Wrath” Single Goes Viral On @TikTok_US!

Social Media platform TikTok has been the go-to for many Content Creators and Musicians to gain viral success, and grow their following. Earlier this year, we highlighted Dancehall Artist Shenseea’sPon Mi” becoming a fixture thanks to a series of remixes on TikTok, now Dancehall/Reggae Recording Artist Sizzla Kalonji is gaining a new audience thanks to his 2004 single “Wrath” becoming a trending sound.

Produced by the late Daniel “Blaxxx” Lewis, and Andrew Bradford a.k.a. Dancehall Artist Buccaneer on the “Blackout Riddim“, “Wrath” was Sizzla in one of his most aggressive states. The song’s content dealt with being on guard at all times, Sizzla avoiding becoming a target for Law Enforcement, and various individuals and groups who wish for his demise, and it quickly became a hit for the Artist.

This past Summer, Tiktoker Kalise Brooks used Sizzla’s “Wrath” line “Me nuh waan no r***cl**t man back a me” for a video sharing her displeasure for her partner wanting to be a part of her “Girls’ Night Out, and it quickly took off. With over 720 videos released, “Wrath” was used by the likes of Comedian Babajaay, Sheneik The Menace, Educator/Recording Artist/Actor SirPlus, and Recording Artist 1Bynz all sharing hilarious scenarios. If you’ve been enjoying the content, let us know your favourite ones.

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Kalise Brooks, the Creator of the TikTok trend, shared how it all came about.

I was just at home and Sizzla’s voice came to me with the concept. I asked my son what he thought about it and he said, ‘Yes mommy that’s funny, you should do it’. So I did it, and my son edited it and uploaded it up for me lol…and I kept seeing a lot of people liking it and commenting, and then he said, ‘Mommy people using your sound!’. I found out through a friend that your Article about the trend was featured on (IG) @Augusttown876’s page. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Blessed love for the highlight.

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Kyng Tavii & Prince Pine on #Jamaica #Comedy #PrincePine #KyngTavii #Boxing #Fight #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean

.@KyngTavii & @Prince_Pine Reunite In The Boxing Ring In New Video!

Something good has happened today. What has been asked for a number of years is finally happening. Jamaican Comedians Kyng Tavii and Prince Pine have reunited. Early fans would know them from skits that brought them to prominence along with Fat Skull, Twani Price, and Kyng Taj, the two have had their differences over the years with no possibility of mending the friendship. Today is a new day however, and they reunite in the Boxing ring for their new video.

With a Boxing match hosted by “Beeevus” and “Butt Head“, we’re tuned in to some “Big Time Boxing” where Kyng Tavii and Prince Pine will exchange jabs, heavy punches, and slaps. Who will be the victor of this match? Stay tuned to find out! With some years behind them, Kyng Tavii and Prince Pine have been enjoying various opportunities thanks to their talent, and we’re glad to see this reunion. We look forward to even more from them.

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Kyng Tavii "Bad Slaves" on #Jamaica #EmancipationDay #KyngTavii #BadSlaves #Comedy #Caribbean

.@KyngTavii Looks To Start A Revolution In New Video!

Today, August 1, is celebrated as Emancipation Day in a few Caribbean countries. In Jamaica, it marks the day of the Emancipation Declaration in 1838, and many Jamaicans recognize it in through a series of events. Comedian Kyng Tavii wanted to do his part through content creation, and he gives us a new video called, “Bad Slaves“.

Kyng Tavii reenacts a day of Slavery where he and fellow slaves were toiling in the cane fields. With freedom on their minds, Tavii tries to put together a plan where he and the slaves can escape the Plantation, and join revolutionaries like Paul Bogle in Morant Bay to set Black people free. The plan quickly backfires when Tavii was abandoned by the fellow slaves, and when they were caught, he was given the task to watch over them. Will Tavii find success with his plan this time around? The video was not made to offend, but to show many to never forget their name and roots, and it also showed the sad reality that many will be quick to sell you out when times get tough.

Emancipate Yourselves From Every Form Of Slavery!

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