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Rapidly taking over your listening, social and creative space, Jamaican brand REM Entertainment is gradually generating a wave of tremendous proportion. If you don’t know now you DO, so sit back and take a peak into the mind of Josh Era as he sits with us to discuss the role his movement is playing in pushing the Jamaican entertainment scene to a higher plateau in 2016.

PHOTOS BY: @REMlivingdream

Sef: Kicking it off the right way, apologies for the delay; flu been had me sleep. We are honored to be working w/ REM Entertainment on various fronts. Punnany Pleasures is definitely a good look, well worth the 28 mins of play time.

JoshERA: Respect bredda, appreciate the support!

Sef: Got the go ahead to get things started so without further hindrances, I’d like to start by asking about REM: Who are you and what do you [as a collective] represent?

JoshERA: Basically… REM is a group of friends [more like family] and we put all our talents in music [DJ, Production, Artistry] and in Art [Photography, Graphics] in all forms. REM ENTERTAINMENT now is the sound made complete with DJ Kelly, DJ Laing and myself.

We play out at various events bring a unique energy and vibes to the crowd. REM itself stands for Rapid Eye Movement, just in case you weren’t aware.

Sef: Very interesting, surely seeing the correlation between your work as creatives and the dream state; I believe much of our creativity comes from the subconscious. I also do know versatility is key to gain credibility as a Jamaican DJ so what genres of music do you prefer to work with when mixing?

JoshERA: Versatility is very key and when I’m DJing I try to mix it up at all times – from old school hip-hop and rap to current Dancehall to current Hip Hop. I personally prefer current Hip Hop/Dancehall though.

Sef: Ha, I can tell. Your recent “FULLY UP” Mixtape was very current where Dancehall/Hip Hop is concerned. But not as current as “PUNNANY PLEASURES” which features 2016 work from teams Vendetta, Gaza and Unruly respectively [just to name a few.] Dancehall has always been told from dual perspectives: the clash type bullying vs. the bedroom bullying, how important is it to you to connect with your female fan-base?

JoshERA: Yes! That’s so true, it has its perspectives and it is very important to connect to my female fan-base which is the exact reason why I released the “PUNNANY PLEASURES” mix. When playing at parties my emcee, DJ Kelly interacts with the females while I’m playing whatever wining songs. This is what they love; this is how they get into a good vibes and the result: they completely enjoy themselves.

Sef: BAD though. We always advocate for the women so big up DJ Kelly and yourself for that level. Besides Kelly and Laing, who else should the public be aware of when they think of REM?

JoshERA: Well as I said before Kelly and Laing are a part of REM entertainment. So the public should be well aware of Leno Banton who is a very talented young upcoming Artiste, and the son of Burro Banton. Also, Khari who does graphics and designs for REM, Patrick (Photography), Richard (Photography) and J Senior who is the Producer/Beat-Maker for most of Leno’s tracks.

Sef: I think I am familiar with some of Khari’s work. Was it him who did a Pokemon Trainer profile for Tanto, Addi and Diggy. If so, I also understand he is currently working close with 13thStreetPromotions’ very own Swadedavillain on a project known as “13Bit”.

Anywhoo, what makes REM stand out from every other local Entertainment group in Jamaica in 2016?

JoshERA: Firstly, I would have to say our whole demeanor and uniqueness in everything we do; it’s just so different from everyone else. By going about doing what we do so differently from everyone else… really, we do it so easily. Also I’d have to say the quality of the work we put out as REM sets us on a platform that stands out from any other faction.

Next thing, no! It’s not Khari who’s working on 13Bit enuh; that is actually @kxrlymiyagi, very talented yute! Big up @kxrlymiyagi the REM link. So all the Pokemon Trainer work is @kxrlymiyagi.

Swadedavillain: Joseph, you really needed sleep… 13Bit is me and @kxrlymiyagi ting lol. Khari does REM artwork! (Hats are currently available!)

JoshERA: Hahaha yeah.

Sef: My misunderstanding. So let me wrap this up by asking where readers/listeners can find more information about REM Entertainment? [So I will be sure to never make that mistake again]

JoshERA: Find more information by following @REMlivingdream on Twitter, @REMcollective on Instagram. Contact me by following @JOSHERA_ on Twitter, @JOSHERA1 on IG and JOSH_ERA on Snapchat. Business enquiries, bookings etc. call 18765089273 or email





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