DJs Cardo & Ruxie Get Name Buzzing In The Caribbean

DJ Cardo and DJ Ruxie of CD Fantasy have been receiving several requests in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The DJs who recently travelled to Saint Martin said they found their trip ‘eye opening’ and ‘encouraging’. DJ Cardo said, “While in Saint Martin I’ve realized the great impact that Jamaican music has on the Caribbean. We are truly a blessed Country.”

Both DJs hail from Kingston, Jamaica and form a part of CD Fantasy lead by Crazy Bling and consisting of DJ Sprat, DJ Kongry and Mario. DJ Cardo and DJ Ruxie are resident DJs for events such as ‘Big Daddy Mondays’ in Tower Hill, ‘Side Chick Tuesdays’ on Pilly Blacks Plaza, Olympic Way and host their own event ‘Magnum Wednesdays’ on Payne Avenue.

With the recent publicity received as a result of the Saint Martin visit, Cardo and Ruxie are now eager to promote themselves to more Caribbean countries. Ruxie said, “Once you start to go outside of Jamaica, you realize just how important it is to be an Ambassador for Dancehall and as street DJs we realize that our task is not just to entertain, but also to educate.” Both Cardo and Ruxie are now on the promotional trail and will be making appearances at several events in Jamaica and soon in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. DJ Cardo can be followed on Instagram at @djcardo_cdfantasy, and DJ Ruxie at @therealdjruxie_cdfantasy.





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