@IAmMalakhi Promotes “I Alone”

Revolutionary spirit I Am Malakhi is currently promoting his latest song “I Alone”. The song is a reflective piece that was produced by renowned label, Music Tower Production. The track has garnered a lot of attention on both the local and International market and so far the feedback has been positive. “I Alone” was entered into the “What’s the Verdict Saturday” show on Roots FM and won by popular demand. The song has also been in regular rotation on stations like RJR, Suncity Radio and ZIP FM.

I Am Malakhi is elated about the positive response that he has been receiving so far and had this to say, “Every fibre of my being is about positivity and upliftment and I use my music as the medium to spread my message. I am happy that my music has been reaching the ears of many and I am forever grateful for the great responses that I have been getting. My journey continues and I will be putting out more songs of this nature for my growing fan base.”

The multifaceted recording artiste performed a magnificent set at the JAM Fest Show in Birmingham on August 6 and even though he wasn’t scheduled to close the show, the task fell on him when headliner Luciano was a no show. “I was grateful for the opportunity to close the show. Luciano was advertised as the main act, but I had to step up to the plate when the organizers learnt that he had missed his flight.”

I AM Malakhi performed at the annual Birmingham Sports and Cultural Day on the 28th of this month. “I have few shows to look forward to for the rest of the year. I want to use this avenue to thank everyone who has been supporting my music and especially for cheering me on at my shows. Look out for more to come from I Am Malakhi.”





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