REVIEW: @TaZzHTG – “Savage” EP

It’s taken me a little while to get around to checking this project out but i’m finally hip. First Coast Jamaica describes aficionados like myself who are obsessed with paving the way for an underground movement which clamors for a mainstream boost.

Words By: @Sef_Jo

Montego Bay native/South Florida basedĀ Daley has compiled Savage EPĀ as a way of communicating this whole idea that Kingstonians cannot call all the shots where the game is concerned. With only a couple months since Know My Intentions by MoulaUE [featured on the project], Savage was released at an ideal time to get the place lit right before Summer ’16. I would personally call this 8-track projectĀ a smooth spin on thisĀ wave of future trap. It comprises of elements that TDE fans might enjoy with a production vibe which reminds me of SABApivot’s work. Without further adieu…
    The seamless Introduction to the project features the alluring vocal essence of Rosh. “One time for your mind..” is the message invoking a mindful meditation wherein listeners are asked to sit back listen and enjoy for the next 28mins~ Success, wealth and health for all.
    Clever metaphors and punchlines;Ā sonics are on pointĀ too as we jump right in. Get used to the sound of Daley as his entire flow is switched up. At this point, I’ve made up my mind to refrain myself from too much comparisons. As we know, Mobay is the city Daley reps; I want to assume, however, that living in Pembroke Pines has had some influence on the Rapper’s creative experience. MoulaUE’s booming rhymes and OneLoveTheo final verse reminds us that we have got to keep it savage. This is the ultimate rule and trap culture is reiterated.
    As an audiophile, I always love when Artists choose singles that will get me hype. This is what made me interested in giving theĀ project a listen. From the Instrumental to the energy presented here, I’m hardly regretting my decision to compare Daley to some one else. The mystery box that is First Coast Jamaica is that just as it in every other corner of the world, you never know what you will find. Ignite allows me to experience the full versatility of Daley, solely. Don’t care how you feel about it, this joint slaps.Ā 

  • GANGx3
    Really really like this beat even though I personally prefer the 808s and deep trap sound. The production value of this entire project is 10/10; You cannot boast to be a modern day sound culture without such quality and I hate low quality music, go figure. Better yet, go listen!
    If you were considering the direction of this project solely based on the titles of each track you’d be lost in the sauce. From beginning to this point based on what I am hearing, Daley’s sole motivation is finessing these females. The repetitive nature of the hook here makes me draw reference to the 6ixgod style (I know I know, I said NO COMPARISONS).
  • B.I.A
    Now originality has been a dead cause in Hip Hop on a whole for a while now. When I make reference to a known Rapper,Ā  it isn’t to say that styles are being bit.Ā  Rather, it gives me a scale to grade the depth as well as entertainment value of the object artiste. No hook, chorus, just two balls of brass taking the claim of being the best Rapper in Jamaica. I’m very subjective when it comes on to ranking Artists in general but go listen to Savage now and make your own decision.
    Here’s a track that’s 40% rap and 60% personality. As we fade to black, it’s time to get the formal introduction to HTG as we meet the Tazz persona, Kanz and several shoutouts are made which highlight parts of the Production team who held the door open for the creation of Savage. Honestly though, it doesn’t get more savage than shouting out Jonah Hill (SuperbadĀ reference).
    Best song on the project, could have worked on any part of the projectĀ but it plays its role perfectly after the outro. No collabs, and if you were ever a fan of J. Cole’sLost Ones” this is a track you will extremely enjoy vibing out to.
As I bring this review to a close, there are a few things I must point out. In this age of Independent labels and Artists paving a road for themselves creatively I really want to see more untapped talent get put on by the networks that already exist. And no, I am not specifically speaking to Industry Execs but if you know somebody, tell somebody. The vision of one can easily become the vision of all with just the right motivation. The other thing I want to highlight largely is Kokab. the Designer for the cover art of Savage — it’s perfect!
Savage EP is NOW available for full online stream on Soundcloud.





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