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You may have heard of the “Tall Ras“, you may have enjoyed his DJ gigs whether he plays in the club, the street or at your favourite University, but what you know about DJ Ariez? Representing Clarendon, he has been in this DJ game for quite some time. While many may be familiar with his stint as a member of YxB (Youngest x Baddest), he has recently joined the ranks of Chromatic Sound and continues to keep your attention thanks to his collection of Mixtapes and live juggling. We had a chance to holla at the DJ and get his thoughts on his recent signing, thoughts on the Jamaican Entertainment Industry, plans for the future and more.

Words By: SwadeDaVillain x Sef_Jo

13thStreetPromotions: Greetings Ariez, pleasure to hear from you. Catch us up on the momentum you’ve been gaining recently. Fans would love to know about your recent game-changer, bring us into your shoes so we can know what the Chromatic experience is firsthand.

Ariez:  The momentum since the move is a little overwhelming as it is a huge step up in my DJing career. This new opportunity has granted me more work (more Mixtapes, DJ gigs etc.), access to a larger fan base, and more promotion for my brand. I am ever so grateful for all of this.

13thSP: Let’s not kid ourselves, to work with one of Jamaica’s current top selectors is a huge achievement. Did you always figure it would be Chromatic and if this doesn’t get you into too much trouble, were there any other prospects?

Ariez: Yes I’d consider it a big achievement in my career as I’ve never expected to be a member of one of the hottest DJ collectives out. I’m still shocked to this day that I was offered a placement as I’ve looked up to the members of Chromatic and was also inspired by them to start my DJing career. As for other prospects? There were a few and some of my peers would make suggestions, but they never worked out in the end. Can’t complain though as things happen for a reason.

13thSP: When selecting, whether at a live event or for a recorded mix, what is your preferred genre of choice?

Ariez:  I never really had a preferred genre of music I wanted to play, but the response of the crowd plays a big role in my DJ set. Personally, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Pop are my genres but in my experiences I’ve seen the crowd react greatly to a Hip Hop segment than any other genre.

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13thSP: What exactly is the next step for Ariez Chromatic for 2016 into 2017?

Ariez: The next step really for DJ Ariez is just to continue being progressive, being more successful in my career so that I can take care of myself and my family. Anything else that comes along is a bonus.

13thSP: Share briefly (for that one viewer) the best piece of advice you were given as you entered the industry.

Ariez: The best advice I’ve ever gotten in my career was to “Always remain humble, don’t let your accomplishments get the better of you”. I know many others have gotten this same advice, but to me it is really a must to always stay true to yourself.

13thSP: Speaking of which, Name one thing you’d like to see change about the Jamaican Entertainment Industry.

Ariez: One thing I want to change about the Jamaican Entertainment Industry is the “Cut throat” mentality that is very prominent. Yes it is a competitive environment, but I strongly believe that there is enough money and opportunities out there for everyone. I see it as a University/College, there are many Degrees offered for all type of careers, with the Entertainment Industry, we all can get a comfortable share of money, fans and opportunities without fighting one another. I’m all about unity and helping each other to grow.

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13thSP: Finally, How can fans stay in contact with Ariez Chromatic?

Ariez: People can stay up to date with my career on Social Media. You can follow me on Instagram at @AriezChromatic, Twitter at @AriezChromatic, Snapchat at RasAriez, and even on Facebook at Ariez Chromatic. Give thanks!

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