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@MaticulusAuburn Wants To Know What She’s About In “Vertigo”!

Are we a ting or am I one of the bros?” is a line from Recording Artist Maticulus Auburn’s newest single, “Vertigo“. Produced by Jon-Ross Kelly, Auburn is going through a situation with a young lady he’s dating where he shows her love, but he receives mixed signals from her. While he comes from a good place, she has had bad experiences in the love department and is coming from a place of hurt. The dating world can be a tough one at times as there are many damaged souls out there who are afraid to love again. Continue to show them love and help them to put it all behind them. Maticulus Auburn’sInner Thoughts EP is still available on the Blog. Is there a me and you? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.





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