@TwinOfTwins Return With Vol. 11 In Their “Stir It Up” Series!

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If you do not know TWIN OF TWINS you must live under a rock and even so I think the rock would surely attest to the significance of these brothers to the Jamaican culture through their popular hit series STIR IT UP that holds the attention of Jamaicans since its inception in the mid 90s. The Twin of Twins are set to release their eleventh installment of their highly anticipated STIR IT UP (Volume 11) and the fans are in a frenzy. We caught up with Patrick (Curly Lox the Voice Box) Gaynor earlier this week. When quizzed about why they took nearly four years to release another volume after the tremendous success of Volume 10 and all the volumes before? Gaynor explained that they’ve been going through a lot considering and reconsidering where the work is concerned. He went on to say that sometimes he feels that the work is not worth his time, effort, finance and resources that he personally put into these projects.

He stated clearly that the lack of support from fans is bringing them closer to the reality that it’s not worth doing it for popularity sake when what goes into it is far less than what comes back. “This work takes me away from my family who needs me, only for it to benefit everybody else more than me”. When asked what he mean’t, he explained that these CDs don’t only benefit those who’re imitated or mentioned but also those so called Artists looking for material to plagiarize or “pirate” as we say here in Jamaica. He went on further to explain that there’s a downside to doing these CDs as he says “Most often the lines are blurred between what’s imitated and what’s originated; so some of the people imitated in turn take what I create when I imitate them leading to some fans assumption that I’m the one using their Intellectual Property or material and automatically assign the credit of my Intellectual Property to them”. There’s even the case of me creating original characters that people in turn start imitating and telling people that they’re the character that I’m imitating”. He further explained that two good examples of this are the Nigel and Ankle Sox characters. “There’s someone now parading as the Nigel character and like everyone else who steals my material, he totally ignores where it comes from”. He stated further, “There’s also a totally normal person who used to sell bootleg CDs in the streets claimed that he was Sox, and that I was imitating him who is a real person”. According to Curly Lox this is totally false.

When asked what characters will be featured or issues the new volume would explore he said they’re now staying away from speaking their ideas etc. in Interviews because of plagiarism. When we asked why it seemed that they’ve done so much for the culture yet are grossly overlooked for commercial considerations from what seemed like day one he had this to say, “We were never invited into this music space, we kicked the door down so I understand that the industry will spend their lives trying to get us out”. We are too real in an industry where being fake is the norm and being real upsets the flow of revenue gained from this mass false pretense”. Curly says however the discouragement and disappointment they face, he says the twins are on a mission and that comes first. “This not for the many who’re in the dark but for the few who see our light and walk toward it” said joyful and upbeat Curly Lox in closing. He also said that fans can expect quality entertainment as usual and that they should support the Twin of Twins movement as it is this support that will make it possible to keep reproducing the work they love so much.

You can go to their official website www.twinoftwins.com and pre-order “Stir it Up Volume 11”, or buy all the other volumes or Twin of Twins music.

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