We Salute Shane-O “The Comeback Artist” In Our Latest Playlist!

Good music never dies, and the Artist’s name will live forever. With his first hit song in 2004 followed by a favourable buzz, Dancehall Artist Shane-O was on the radar of many. The years that followed however found him not getting the right hits, and a decline in the buzz. Fast forward a few more years his name started bubbling back on the scene in the form of his songwriting contributions for a couple Artists which converted into hits. Capitalizing on that, he scored a few more hits on his own including the hugely popular “Partner Draw“. Today, we salute Shane-O, and present to you our latest Playlist titled, “Shane-O: The Comeback Artist“! Featuring the hits and tracks that may have missed you, we look forward to the “World Balla” climbing to higher heights in his career. Check out the music below, and follow us on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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