We Salute The Legendary Sanchez In Our New “Cover Kings Vol. 1” Playlist!

Recently, Kevin Anthony Jackson o/c the Veteran Reggae/Dancehall Artist “Sanchez“, was recognized by the Government of Jamaica for his contribution to the music industry in the form of a street being renamed in his honour. “Park Lane“, off Red Hills Rd in St. Andrew, made way for “Sanchez Drive” and was met with much fanfare. We’d like to honour the living legend in one of the best ways we know how. Hitting up Spotify, we curated some of Sanchez’s greatest cover singles in the first volume of our “Cover Kings” series. A man who commanded the music scene for a few decades, your heart must be made of stone if you don’t feel these classics. Check out the playlist below, and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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