2018 Faves: @RyginKing – Tuff

As 2018 comes to a close, we look back at a few songs that were favourites on the Blog for the year. While we can’t name EVERY one, we’ll give you 10 (in no particular order so hold off on the ego) to reminisce on, or get familiar with.

This will get you inna yuh vibe enuh! Rygin King’sTuff“, which scorched everything in its path, is our final entry in our “2018 Faves” list! The Trap King had the streets on lock with this track, and we couldn’t help but rock to it! Produced by Billion Music Group and Rygin Trap Records, check out the track below. We hope you enjoyed our list, and took the time out to share the entries. Show us some love/follow us on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.


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