.@JobyJayMusic Does The “Big Girl Ting” On Her Debut Single!

Having your own space is very important physically, mentally, and spiritually. While many will invade it on a daily basis, it is crucial that you protect it in every way you can. Photographer/Creative/Recording Artist Joby Jay emphasizes on protecting her world on her debut single, “Big Girl Ting“! Produced by Barbwiya Music and Daniellia A. White, Joby lets it be known that she has no time for anyone wants to drain her energy, walk all over her, use, and abuse her. She lets those who’ve disappointed her that she shows no remorse in cutting them off, is working on being better than before, and karma is very real. Listeners will definitely relate to this as we’ve all been there when it comes to meeting the wrong people, and the results stemming from that. If they don’t add value to your life, cut them off with the quickness!

Joby Jay has been killing it on the Photography scene for quite a while, and in recent times, has flexed her singing muscle at various events to the delight of many. 2020 looks bright for the young Creative, and we know she has a lot more in store. But first, protect your energy and space, no ramping ting!

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