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450 Shares Life Lessons On “Live N’ Learn”

Dancehall Artist 450 has been regarded as one of the more consistent Artists in recent years. From his generation of Artists, he has managed to deliver songs that will make you think about life and its many challenges, but still have songs that cater to the ladies, and those all about having a good time. Despite the positives in his life, he has experienced his share of pitfalls, and he looks to educate the listener on “Live N’ Learn“.

In video directed by Damaniac Visualz, 450 gives us life lessons on “Live N’ Learn”. He lets us in on some of the times he has been let down people who he thought cared about him, and shows gratitude for putting them behind him so he can enjoy life. He’s living and learning, and in the video he buries his past self, and warns viewers to be careful in the world. “Live N’ Learn” was produced by Sponge Music on the “Forgiven Riddim“. Along with new music, 450 has been busy with live performances in and outside the Caribbean, and securing new connections which would later turn into collaborations. 450 is focused, and just like the comments that we see all the time on Youtube, he hasn’t disappointed his fans yet.

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450 Rises Above His Enemies On “Miles Off”!

Life is filled with many obstacles. Life is also filled with people who will stop at nothing to shatter your dreams, and crush your hope. Fortunately, there is a higher power that guides us to sidestep these things and people. The road may be rocky, but we’ll persevere. Recording Artist 450 has his share of troubles, but he’s holding the faith on “Miles Off“.

“Miles Off” is a collaboration with 450 and Popstyle Music, and with a video directed by Djuvii, the Deejay finds ways to be steps ahead of those who wish to see him fail. He shares that his paranoia is real, but with smart thinking and strong faith, he manages to continue his days with not a scratch on him. The video features a few familiar faces including Comedian Valdomore, and 450 gives the people something that they can “meds” to. 450 continues to impress, and with more music and performances in the pipeline, watch his profile grow to another level this year.

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450 Provides Inspiration In “Save Me Life” Visual!

A few weeks ago, Dancehall Artist 450 released the single, “Save Me Life“. The YGF Records produced single had 450 fans looking at him in a different life as he provided an inspirational song that testified that Jah was always there for him. The song quickly found favour with listeners, as many would share their own testimonies. 450 continues his inspirational work with the music video.

Directed by Kyng Creative, 450 finds himself playing an guardian angel-like role throughout the video. The video highlights a few people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances, but with the help of Jah, they overcame their obstacles. With 450’s positive message delivered throughout, the video highlights that no matter what’s going on in your life, God can take you out of it.

450 continues to take his music to new spaces, and he will be performing in a venue near you in the coming days. His previous efforts are still doing well on streaming platforms and on Social Media, and 450 is not slowing down on the musical input. Stay tuned for even more from him.

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450 Shows Gratitude To The Most High On “Save Me Life”!

The saying goes, “Who God bless, no man curse.“, and Recording Artist 450 is a grateful man for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon him. With a career that has been enjoying plenty up moments, 450 still remembers the times when life was hard. Today, he is giving thanks on the new single called, “Save Me Life“.

Produced by YGF Records/23 Recordz/Syndicate Records, 450 presents a grateful heart on “Save Me Life”. He reflects on the times when opportunities were scare and things didn’t look like they were going to get better, he held his faith during that time and gives thanks to Jah and those who have helped along the way. “Save Me Life” is a reminder to listeners that gratitude goes a long way, and we should always remember to give thanks.

450 has been busy touring parts of the world, and securing hit singles all of 2022, and he is ready to elevate his career to new levels. With a great team behind him, 450 will become an even bigger name come 2023. He is thankful to be here.

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450 Makes Triumphant Sumfest Debut, Releases “More Money Less Talking”!

Dancehall Recording Artist 450 continues to elevate with a career that has been respected by many. Celebrating a few firsts throughout 2021 and 2022, the rising star is on the cusp of becoming a bigger name locally, and Internationally. His music has gone on to secure a viral boost with every release, and he is starting to see even more rewards from his hard work. He recently took the stage on one of Jamaica’s biggest platforms, “Reggae Sumfest”.

With 450 becoming one of the latest acts in the new generation of talent to take the Reggae Sumfest stage, he ensured that his placement was not done by mistake. Sharing the stage with the likes of Skeng, Alkaline, Jahshii, Ding Dong, and many others, 450 gave the people a performance that was filled with hits, unforgettable moments, and great feedback from those in attendance. 450’s Reggae Sumfest debut was well received, and he is confident that he will be a part of the billing for years to come. Capitalizing off of his buzz from the event, he followed up with the single, “More Money Less Talking”.

Produced by 1Falconn of Tru Ambassador Ent., 450 shows a razor sharp focus on “More Money Less Talking”. The new single is a follow up to “Mood Vibes”, which was released just days before his Reggae Sumfest performance. With lyrics about securing his riches, the women, and lifestyle that he lives as a young Millionaire, 450 is still working on his ascent to the top of the Jamaican music scene. His presence cannot be ignored, and he has a lot more in store. “More Money Less Talking” was accompanied by a music video, and is currently trending on Youtube. Expect a lot more from 450 in the later part of 2022, and he looks to take his talents to a location near you in the coming days.

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450 Releases “Mood Vibes” Ahead Of Reggae Sumfest Debut!

Emerging Dancehall Recording Artist 450 is still making big moves in his music career, and is keeping his name buzzing in various parts of the world. While he has been busy sharing his music in various parts of North America, Jamaica, and the Caribbean, he proved this year that he’s not a fluke with a run of singles that enjoyed viral status which include “2 Face”, “Know Weh Ya Do”, and “Be Honest”. He is set to embark on another milestone when he takes the stage at Reggae Sumfest 2022.

Come Friday July 22, 450 will shine on Reggae Sumfest’s “Main Festival Night 1” at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, St. James. Sharing the stage with the likes of Alkaline, Jahshii, Skeng, Ding Dong, and many others, 450 looks to make an unforgettable impression, and contribute to setting the standard for Jamaican music and performance. In addition to his Reggae Sumfest debut, 450 is still promoting his previous releases. Social Media platforms Instagram and TikTok have been kind to his music over the past few months, and he looks to further capitalize off of the buzz with his latest release, “Mood Vibes”.

Done in collaboration with Jamaican selector Boom Boom’s World Team Production on the “Sports Range Riddim”, 450’s “Mood Vibes” comes in time for the summer parties. With its energetic sound and 450’s signature delivery, listeners are encouraged to dance along, enjoy life, and build a vibe. “Mood Vibes” has been shown love in the streets prior to its July 15 release thanks to Boom Boom, and it promises to be another hit in 450’s growing catalogue. 450 won’t find himself slowing down anytime soon as he will be jetting off to Canada for a series of performances shortly after Reggae Sumfest. Expect more announcements and developments in the coming weeks.

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