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450 Shares Life Lessons On “Live N’ Learn”

Dancehall Artist 450 has been regarded as one of the more consistent Artists in recent years. From his generation of Artists, he has managed to deliver songs that will make you think about life and its many challenges, but still have songs that cater to the ladies, and those all about having a good time. Despite the positives in his life, he has experienced his share of pitfalls, and he looks to educate the listener on “Live N’ Learn“.

In video directed by Damaniac Visualz, 450 gives us life lessons on “Live N’ Learn”. He lets us in on some of the times he has been let down people who he thought cared about him, and shows gratitude for putting them behind him so he can enjoy life. He’s living and learning, and in the video he buries his past self, and warns viewers to be careful in the world. “Live N’ Learn” was produced by Sponge Music on the “Forgiven Riddim“. Along with new music, 450 has been busy with live performances in and outside the Caribbean, and securing new connections which would later turn into collaborations. 450 is focused, and just like the comments that we see all the time on Youtube, he hasn’t disappointed his fans yet.

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.@BugleAn9ted & @GiHRL_Reign Fight For Love On “Us”

They say love wins, but sometimes it takes some extra effort to keep the love going. Many people around the world have embraced love, while others have given up. For Recording Artist Bugle, he believes the love should never die, and hope comes in the form of the new single, “Us“.

Bugle recruits Recording Artist GiHRL on “Us”, and together they sing about that love that’s worth fighting for. While many couples have let conflict keep them separate, the Artists believe in seeing the bigger picture, and they sing about making it work. “Us” was produced by 324 New Empire Records/An9ted Ent., while the music video that has accompanied the single was directed by Damaniac Visualz. Bugle has been busy promoting his “Toxicity (Deluxe)” album, along with a number of singles. GiHRL has been on the scene for a number of years, and has been impressing many with her live performances, and singles. Big up all the couples out there still making it work, even when some days aren’t the best.

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Intence Counts His Blessings On “Round 10”!

Dancehall Artist Intence has come a long way in his career. His determination and work ethic has placed him among some of the top acts, and he continues to grow in reach, and support from his fanbase continues to increase. With all the good that has happened, he is grateful for the progress. He counts his blessings on “Round 10“.

“Round 10” was produced by Jahvy for Tru Ambassador Ent., and it finds Intence giving thanks for all the good that has happened in his life. He reflects on his upbringing and the instances that could’ve changed his life for the worst, but he’s all about doing more to improve his life. The video for “Round 10” was directed by Damaniac Visualz, and the Deejay could be seen enjoying some of the good things that his success has provided him. The year has already seen a few releases from Intence, so expect a lot more in the coming weeks. Faith moves mountains.

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450 Makes An Impact With “Imperfections” Single

Rising Recording Artist 450 is steadily making his way up to becoming a prominent fixture in Jamaica’s music scene. In a short space of time, he has managed to release singles that have quickly gained popularity, and praise from some of the big names in music. With hard hitting lyrics and great charisma and energy, 2021 may end with him being placed high on a few lists. With his new single, “Imperfections”, he may be connecting with the people in a whole different way.

Produced by Week.day of Tru Ambassador Entertainment, 450 shows vulnerability on “Imperfections” by sharing some of the wrongs he has committed in his life. Despite these actions coming back to affect him negatively, he admits he’s not perfect, and he’s remorseful on all that he has done to hurt those close to him. Since the song’s release on June 7, it has been quickly embraced by the public for its very relatable content, scored thousands of plays across various music streaming platforms, and has received endorsements by the likes of Irie FM’s DJ Bryan, Footballer/Producer Kyle Butler, Dancehall Artiste Dovey Magnum, Tru Ambassador Entertainment boss Jahvy Ambassador, and many others. 

Accompanying the “Imperfections” single is a music video shot by Damaniac Visualz and directed by Jahvy Ambassador (Tru Ambassador Entertainment), and it finds 450 secluded to the hills to be one with his thoughts, looking back at the bad choices he’s made in life, and contemplating ending it all. Since the video’s release, it earned a place in the “Trending” section on Youtube, and is currently peaking at #8 in the “Music” section for Jamaica amassing over 300,000 views. 450 plans to extend the global reach for “Imperfections” in the coming weeks, and is working on a follow up single.

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NEW VIDEO: @IAmRaytid – My Day

With a single that has been prominent in the streets and on the airwaves, True Gift Ent. Recording Artist Raytid drops the visuals for “My Day“. Directed by DaManiac Visualz, we see Raytid dealing with a rough 9 to 5 job and a discouraging boss while having ambitions to make it in the Music business. He does spread a positive message that his day will come where he will be successful and not have to deal with hardships anymore. With scenes that many can relate to, this should be one of your early 2016 faves. It was messed up when his boss interrupted him while he was performing for the camera. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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